What You Need To Know About Horse Shows

A horse show is basically a show about horses or ponies who are being judged. The horses are exhibited and judged by personnel on different categories. They are trained and groomed accordingly for the show. These shows are held nationally and internationally, which last for two to three days, or even longer depending on the show type. Most of the horse shows consist of different performances of the horses where they compete in different categories for an award or prize money.

Facts About Horse Show

These shows are organized by a renowned and registered organization of that particular region. The authorized companies have to work under the rules and disciplines set by the FEI (Fédération équestre Internationale). It helps in maintaining good sportsman spirit and healthy competition. The show ranges from small game to a big International championship. These shows are also held for raising charity for a good cause — young or old everyone thongs for the show.

The Horses Can Be Bought In An Auction Too.

Different breeds of horses are assembled and kept under the supervision so that they deliver expected performance at the event. There are various classes for Mountain and moorland pony breeds, show hunters, show hacks, equitation, and different show pony classes. The winner is awarded prize money in a massive show or with a trophy. Even medals are rewarded in some shows depending on the size of the show. Usually, there are three medals bronze medal, silver medal, and a gold medal.

people riding horses in stadium

Often ribbons are given for the top performers. There are many colors of ribbon which varies from country to country. Top six performance is rewarded with ribbon, although the high ten performance can also be rewarded with ribbon in a big show.

Facts About Horse Show

The show or the competition differ from place to place and country to country. Horses with similar training and qualities compete with each other. The show also includes horse jumping, in which the horse jumps over vertical, spreads, etc. in an allotted time. They are allowed a minimum number of refusals before being disqualified.

There is a dress code for the show which every contender has to follow. For show jumpers, the horses have to be tall enough to enroll in the competition. Each show has a different set of rules according to the competition, and the horses are dressed and trained accordingly.

A Horse Show Is A Fun-Filled Event Which Anyone Can Enjoy With Family And Friends.

This show is not just about horse competing with each other; it’s much more than that. Many events and activities are set up for the small and big to make it a memorable experience. You can enjoy pony rides and play games out there. This show offers you a fantastic atmosphere which is perfect for getting together with your loved ones. Many activities are lined for one’s entertainment other than the show. Mostly held at weekends, this event is an excellent escape from the busy life schedule.

Hope you got some knowledge from these above-mentioned facts.

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