What Makes Miniature Horses Sick?

Miniature horses are mostly a result of dwarfism in horses. Miniature horses are adaptable, but they do face a few health issues because of their small size.  Also, irregular eating habits and consuming toxic plants and weeds may lead them to develop the disease. As these horses are small in size, people want to keep their pets also.

Consequently leading to unnatural breeding of miniature horses. As a result, these horses are developing certain genetic disorders as well. Furthermore, there are also problems in reproduction. Following are the diseases found in miniature horses,

Diseases In Miniature Horses

1. Angular Limb Disorder In Miniature Horses

When a limb is, abnormally attached to its axis, giving a crooked look is a limb disorder. Mostly, this disease is, developed before birth. Hence, it causes difficulty in walking, misbalance, and abnormal hoof wear. Development in medical technology has provided remedies for such diseases.

2. Joint Disorders In Miniature Horses

Sometimes a protrusion in the knee cap and an outstretched leg is, seen in some horses. Usually affecting both hind limbs. Resulting in crooked walking and imbalance. Kneecap surgery can help in curing such diseases.

3. Luxated Patella(Kneecap)

Usually, long term lameness is, caused by such disorders. Deepening of the femoral groove with the help of surgery rectifies this problem.

4. Malerupted Teeth

Usually, a miniature horse retains its baby teeth. Subsequently, the growth of permanent teeth causes overcrowding. Thus, it causes difficulty for the horses to chew and use their mouth.

5. Obesity In Miniature Horses

This is a result of improper eating habits and malnutrition. Excess accumulation of fats in the body leads to obesity. It also causes other health and digestion problems.

Diseases In Miniature Horses

6. Jaw Deformation

In addition to dental diseases, the miniature horse also faces jaw deformations. These can be a result of a genetic disorder or accidents. But in either case, it has a really adverse impact on the health o a miniature horse. As it causes problems in chewing and swallowing food, horses developed other deficiency diseases also.

7. Dwarfism In Miniature Horses

Although the miniature horse is a result of dwarfism, further dwarfism causes more health disorder. From deformation in limbs, jaws and joints horses also suffer from reproduction diseases.

8. Hyperlipidemia In Miniature Horses

Fat accumulation in the liver can cause swelling and disorders liver function. Resulting in complete liver failure and death. This happens due to starving and irregular feeding habits of a horse.

9. Anterior Segment Dysgenesis (ASD)

When certain parts of the eye, like cornea, iris, lens, and retina, do not develop it, usually, is, diagnosed as ASD. Hence resulting in vision loss in horses.

brown and black horse standing on green grass field

10. Equine Cushing’s Disease

Moreover, these horses are also susceptible to equine Cushing’s disease (ECD). Resulting from abnormalities in the pituitary gland, it causes insulin resistance and laminitis. Providing them the necessary vitamins and minerals helps them to recover from such diseases.


Owning Miniature Horse is fun; all one needs to be careful about special needs and nutrition. Also, unnatural breeding of horses must be controlled. Proper vaccination and medication must be, provided to horses that, suffer from such diseases. Regular checkups at the vets can also be f=helpful.

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