What Is the Right Summer Horse Riding Gear Pieces

summer horse riding gear

Choosing what to wear while horseback riding in summer is not always easy. Because, often, it is not an option but a necessity. After all, horseback riding is a popular sport, so there’s a type of attire or dress code that must be followed for safety. The essential elements of safety and comfort are, of course, always addressed.

Dress In layers

A person riding a horse jumping over a fence

You need to dress in layers, if possible. This way, any chafing, abrasions, burns, or cuts can easily be remedied with the proper summer horse riding gear. Also, riding breeches or booties should be worn, as well as long pants and shirts. Shorts should be avoided at all costs.


The next essential summer horse riding gear must include gloves for protection of the hands and fingers. Most equestrians will own two types of gloves: full-fingered and half fingered. These can be purchased separately. A nice feature of thick padding on the palms is protecting the hands from abrasions or cuts. Many times when paddling a horse, you’ll get cut on your hand by his whip. Thick padding on the fingers prevents cuts.

Riding Trousers

Riding trousers are also an important part of a horseback riding kit. Summertime temperatures can get very hot on a horse. Having a pair of cotton shorts that fit properly is the best bet. Also, having a pair of trousers dyed to match your natural skin tone is another good idea. Don’t ever buy dark grey pants for a summer outing. You will have a much better chance of getting burned.


Another type of summer horse riding gear includes boots. Your feet should be protected from hot rocks, thumps, and other objects that may be on the ground while riding. Western riding boots are the most popular. However, equestrians who ride on flat terrain need ankle support. For this situation, Western-style boots can be fitted with orthotic insoles.


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Some summer horse riding gear includes helmets. Helmets protect the eyes from any flying debris. They also keep dirt and bugs out of the eyes. There are two main types of helmets – full face and half shell. A popular choice is the half shell helmet that covers the entire head.

Other items of gear that may not be essential but certainly looks good include sunglasses and riding gloves. Sunglasses are required for riding during the day time. You won’t use them for riding in the evening, but they make your eyes look cool anyway. Riding gloves are great for controlling the reins and handling the reins.

Consider Safety

When choosing summer horse riding gear, it’s important to consider safety. Make sure you wear a helmet, gloves, and other items appropriate to your skill level. Summer equestrian apparel is available at many sporting goods stores. You’ll need clothing appropriate to your skill level of riding and the weather conditions. Horse riding apparel is designed to provide comfort, sun protection, and safety.


The most important piece of summer horse riding gear is your helmet. Your helmet should protect your entire head and face. It should protect you from objects and debris flying towards your head and face. You should wear a properly fitting protective helmet every time you ride. Failure to wear a helmet on a hot summer day can lead to severe injury or death.

Riding Clothes

Riding clothes for the summer include shirts, trousers, shirts, jackets, and more. Summer gear for summer equestrian shows usually includes vests and skirts. Summer riding pants are designed to help prevent heatstroke and to wick sweat away from the body. Men’s summer horse riding gear is usually more robust and thicker than that needed for women.

Other gear that may not be as need, but looks good to include hats, summer dresses, and skirts. Horse boots are also a nice addition. Shoes, of course, are a requirement, and summer equestrian boots are available in a wide variety of styles and materials. Summer gear for summer equestrian shows includes competitions and other activities like barrel racing, jumpers, dressage, roping, and dressage. It is also nice to have some snacks handy in case you lose your water bottle or fork. Some people bring fruit and snacks to refresh themselves between rides.

Final Words

There are several ways to stay safe while riding during the summer months. Wearing the proper attire can prevent the onset of sickness or injury. As for the weather, summer horse riding requires a bit more care when dealing with hot temperatures. A bit of horse riding gear can make the experience more pleasant for all involved.

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