What Is The Main Horse Riding Gear

horse trail riding gear

The first task that you will need is the saddle. You will find that saddles come in two types – English and Western. While the English saddle is a more traditional design, it is not very comfortable on a horse. A Western saddle is much more comfortable for the rider and the horse, as it is more like a car seat than a saddle.

Riding Through Rough Terrain And Encountering Obstacles

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Riding through rough terrain and encountering obstacles is part of the fun of horse trail riding. However, you will also be faced with many unexpected situations such as crosswinds, unexpected obstacles in the trail, uneven and slippery paths, and other hazards. All these will affect the way your horse reacts and rides. It is important to prepare yourself with the necessary horse trail riding gear before heading out on any ride.

For a comfortable and enjoyable ride, it is important to have the right horse trail riding gear. Some of the essential pieces of equipment include saddle bags, saddles, stirrups, barrel racing pads, and other accessories. Having these essential horse trail riding gear will make horse riding more enjoyable, safe, and comfortable for both you and your horse. The following are the basic horse trail riding gear that you need to take along with you.


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Saddles are one of the most important horse trail riding gears that you need to have. There are saddles suitable for all riding styles and terrain, including the hard core rodeo rider. When selecting your saddle, it is important to select a high quality saddle that is comfortable and offers good protection to the back and legs. At the same time, you can also choose from different saddles – the classic English and Western saddles or the more popular Mexican and Alaskan saddles. If you are not sure what kind of saddle would best suit your riding style, you may want to get professional help or check online for some helpful tips.


Tack is also an essential saddle gear that you should be prepared when you ride through rough and steep hills. Choose a sturdy saddle that can hold up to strenuous activity. A heavy duty tack can support your horse even on the harder trails and steeper hills. A heavy duty tack is often used for training purpose, so that the rider is prepared for real tough outdoor activities.

Saddlebags: Saddlebags are important horse riding gear that you should carry if you plan to travel on a long journey. It is very useful when you get caught in bad weather and you need to put your horse in the stable. Horse saddlebags come in different styles and sizes. You can choose from messenger, side saddlebag, jockey’s bag and many more. There are actually many kinds of saddlebags to choose from.

Breast Collar

A breast collar is another important task that you will need to put on your horse during travels. It provides comfort and warmth to your horse when he is travelling through rough terrain. A quality breast collar is made with a special material that has padding inside it. With a durable design and modern look, a breast collar is one of the most favorite horse riding gears.

Final Words

Saddlebags and Tack: Saddlebags and tack are the most important horse riding gears that you need to take along with you when you travel. If you do not have saddlebags or tack, it will be difficult for you to travel around with your horse. These two important horse riding gears come in different designs, colors, materials and sizes. Many riders love using these two saddlebags and bags because it makes them feel comfortable and warm when they travel. This is also a perfect way to protect your horse’s body when you get caught in a storm. You can find a wide variety of saddlebags and tack online.

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