Understanding The Different Types Of Horseshoes

Horseshoe And Their Types
Horseshoe And Their Types

A U-shaped metal plate fixed in the horses’ hooves is a horseshoe. It protects the feet from wear and tear due to rough surfaces. A horseshoe is a Roman invention. As the hooves are, thick, the metal plate is, nailed or glued to it. Usually, it does not cause any pain to the horse. Nailing horseshoes to the hooves is painless because of the insensitivity of the hooves. Moreover, it reduces the chance of the horseshoe coming out of the hooves. Generally, made out of metal but sometimes it is, made, from rubber, plastic, copper, and other synthetic material. 

Reasons For Using Horseshoe

In the natural habitat, horses travel slow and cover large areas of similar terrain. For this reason, its hooves get naturally hard and smooth. But the domesticated horse needs to work on a different surface than their natural habitat. So these surface may cause faster wearing off of their hooves, sometimes even hurting them. Thus domesticated horses need horseshoes for the protection of their hooves.

It also gives them a good grip on any surface. Thus, helping them balance themselves at high speed.

Making Of Horsehoe

The process of making horseshoes became a vital craft in medieval and modern times. Hence, metal crafts work evolved. Farrier is a professional who creates and fixes the horseshoes. They forge various types of horseshoes as per the use of the horse. Steel horseshoes are, preferred for sports events, like steeplechase, polo, and show jumping. Lighter horseshoes is a preference for racing horses. These are made of aluminum as it is light in weight than other metals.

Horseshoe And Their Types

Types Of Horseshoe

Regular Horseshoe

Regular horseshoe is the most common horseshoe. Often called “keg” shoes, it has grooves in the middle for nail holes. These holes are, known as “fullers,” which, also gives them a name as Fullered shoe. This shoe supports the hoof and protects it while riding different surfaces.

Rim Shoe

Sometimes an additional groove is, attached in the middle of regular horseshoes. Such type of horseshoes is, called Rim shoe. Commonly used for sports, it helps the horse to make quick turns and speed. Racing horses frequently wear it.

Bar Shoe

Bar shoe is where an extra “bar” is, added onto the back of the shoe. It allows more support to the hoof, heel, and leg. Usually used in case of a hoof injury. If there is an injury in the foot, a horse will not be able to stand. So there is a need for an additional bar in the horseshoes to provide full support to its hooves to make it able to stand.

gray metal horse shoe hanging on rack

Egg Bar Shaped

Furthermore, for even more support egg bar shoes are, used. When horses suffer from, the navicular syndrome, egg bar shoe is, attached, to the hooves. It gives more support to the legs. It helps the horse maintain stability. Usually made from light-weight material.

Heart-Shaped Shoe

Also, some horses suffer from laminitis, so they need an extended bar shoe. In these kinds of shoes, a bar is, added to the center of the shoe.

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