Top Horses Around The World

If you want to know about top horses for sale around the world then my friend you are on the right page. Here we have done all the hard work to gather information for you. In case you are willing to buy a horse, then I want to say that it is not like having a pet dog. The horses can not maintain themselves. Horses need a lot more than just being patted on the head.

Top Horses For Sale Around The World

Buying or adoption an animal is not an easy task. But if you have made your mind to have a horse, then we are here to tell you all the top horses for sale around the world. And not only had this, but we will also tell you the approximate cost.

Top Horses For Sale

Shetland Pony

Top Horses For Sale Around The World

The Shetland Pony is currently amongst the most expensive horses for sale around the world. It can cost you in between 2000 to 11,000 dollars. As the name, the Shetland Pony can act like a diva some of the time. This horse breeds had a terrible reputation in terms of their temperament. They are fine, but people use to stay away from them when they are angry. The Shetland Pony can change temper as per their day because they are the moodiest horses. In a few places, this breed is used as the training horse so that people treat horses with care and respect at the same time. 


The Clydesdale is a breed first from Scotland. And in case you are searching for an attractive and elegant horse then you should buy Clydesdale. It can cost you around 5000 dollars. It can be a choice for those who want to buy a good looking horse. This horse breed is very friendly and can mix up quickly. Clydesdale also understands the rider, so you do not have to worry about it. The horse has white hair that grown around legs; you can easily recognize them.

Paint Horse

The Paint Horse is among the loveliest horses for sale around the world. It will cost you around 25000 dollars. This horse is covered white blotches on its black and brown skin. The Paint Horse is a known American horse breed. And they are mainly known for their skin patterns. The Paint Horse is a result of breeding with spots with quarter horses. They are known for stamina and speed at the same time. The Paint Horse also has been part of movies and other videos.

Quarter Horse

Top Horses For Sale Around The World

This breed is very famous in the USA, and they are really popular there. The Quarter Horse is not a cheap horse; it will cost you around 50,000 dollars. They are one of the fastest horses on this planet. The Quarter Horse can surpass other breed horses by a quarter-mile in any race. They generally used in rodeo events like calf roping or barrel racing.

These are few of the top horses for sale around the world. They are cheap at all if you want to buy them you have to spend a nice amount of money.

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