Top Horse Breeds That You Should Learn To Get Inspired To Know About Them - Top Horse Breeds That You Should Learn To Get Inspired To Know About Them -

Top Horse Breeds That You Should Learn To Get Inspired To Know About Them

top horse breeds

There are almost 350 plus types of horses and ponies breeds all over the world. Here are some top horse breeds which are famous worldwide. From working in fields to racing and playing games, every type of horse has its qualities to make them stand out. The heavy build body type of horses is very good for both trolling carts and playing polo there are highly used. There are some types of horses that are famous to horse lovers with their inbuilt versatile abilities and demeanors qualities.

Top Horse Breeds – American Quarter Horse

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Popular in beginners and professional equestrians, the American quarter horse is best all due to its docility and agility. These horses are bred from English thoroughbreds and native American Chickasaw horses, it has the largest bred registry. These horses are the start of show rings. The height of these horses is 14 to 16 hands and may weigh from 950 to 1200 pounds.

Top Horse Breeds – Arabian

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These horses are the oldest horse breed registry in the records. It is rather a loyal and spirited horse, but also a loving one. With its head structure, it is one of the easily recognized horse breeds. This breed has originated from the Arabian peninsula. Its heights vary from 14 to 16 hands and weigh from 800 to 1000 pounds. It has a lithe and compact body size. These horses are also famous for their short back and sloping shoulders with powerful hindquarters.

Top Horse Breeds – Thoroughbred

These are some of the most famous North American racing breeds. These are considered hot-blooded horses. Famously known for as high spirited and speeded horses. It is generally kept for equestrian competitions or a companion animal. They can grow to a height from 15 to 18 hands and weighs 1000 to 1400 pounds. They have a deep chest, long and flat muscles with a lean body.

Top Horse Breeds – Morgan

These horse breeds are famous for the ability of elegance and high vaulted strength. These are official breeds of Vermont, the muscle morgan was first used for clearing the new England farms during the times of colonial rule. Today they are riding and driving horses. The heights vary from 14 to 18 hands and weigh from 900 to 1100 pounds. They have small ears and more expressive eyes with crested neck type.


Horses appeared in the paintings from a very long time, since an art of a Horse symbolizes Boldness, Vigility, and Courage. Horse paintings are sold at high prices all over the world. These paintings can usually be found in the class of abstract and contemporary paintings or animal paintings. These paintings are so famous that sometimes for these paintings people even bid much higher prices. The horses are one of the pets people love to keep. The horses are known to be loyal pets and do not harm their owners without any reason. Many horse lovers do love to keep their horses with a good diet and caretakers so they can be taken to games of aces and polo. The caretakers are well trained and also work as their jockey.

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