Tips on Purchasing Horse Riding Accessories For Kids

horse riding accessories for kids

When I was a kid, my mother would buy all of the horse riding accessories her children could find. There were saddlebags, saddles, helmets, lunge whips, stirrups, and even spiked boots. She felt it was important to provide each of her children with as much horse riding equipment as they could possibly need. Today, this is a pretty common way of thinking. But, in all reality, you should probably just buy your children all the accessories they will need.

Horse Riding Accessories For Kids

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Let’s say you want to buy your son a helmet. You can find all kinds of stylish helmets that are made just for kids to wear. Some of them are cool because they have little spikes sticking out, so you can get your child to stick his head into them. Other helmets are more like bicycle helmets and can be put on over regular helmets.


Now, you might wonder why you would need a helmet when there are bicycle helmets that are available for younger children. The main reason is just for safety. If a child cannot stick his head into a bicycle helmet, then he is very likely not going to be able to avoid hitting his head on a horse riding tack. This is going to lead to a nasty injury that could take several weeks to heal.


Your child is also going to have a lot of fun wearing a pair of stirrups. As a parent, I remember loving to take my daughter on rides in the neighborhood. We never had any problems with the horses, but one day she decided she wanted to try riding the reins instead. It wasn’t long before she was practicing the same movements I used to teach her when we were riding.

I think back to when I was a kid and still tried to stick my horse’s head into stirrups. This is something all kids should try at some point. No matter how much you think you know about horse riding, there is always more to learn. Even if you don’t want to spend money on equipment, getting the kids, some beginner lessons is a good idea. You can either get them at a stable or go out and buy some equipment for them to use.


Another type of beginner lessons includes equestrian boots. For the most part, the kids can walk a horse with the help of these boots. However, the reason why you don’t want to get a set of boots for your kids to use on their own is that they tend to be a bit cold. The reason being is that horse riding involves a lot of walking around.


If you are thinking about buying your kids their own equipment, you may want to look at the accessories for their clothes. You can purchase a dress that fits them snug. There are some kids clothing that has small horse riding patches. These clothes will help teach the kids how to identify the different patches that are used for horse riding. Another tip for purchasing kids horse riding clothes is to make sure you choose clothing that is durable.


Other horses riding accessories for kids include saddles. These saddles allow kids to ride without wearing a helmet. This allows them to learn how to handle the horse without the fear of having an accident. There are also helmets that are available that feature eye protection in order to protect kids from the face of danger. This will prevent the kids from losing their lives when it comes time for the horse riding trip.

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