Tips for Horse Riding With Kids - Tips for Horse Riding With Kids -

Tips for Horse Riding With Kids

horse riding gear for kids

If you are a parent, you surely know the importance of kids horse riding gear. But did you know that your kids need these things as well? Of course they do! The gear they wear and the safety they need during rides greatly depend on these accessories.

When you first see your child riding on the back of a horse or on a pony, you may think the ride is quite simple. However, for a kid, riding a horse feels much different. There are a lot more intricacies to it than meets the eye. That’s why parents need to be ready to help their kids learn proper riding techniques. Let’s take a look at some things you can teach your kids before they go riding.

On and Off the Horse

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One of the most important things your kids need to learn is how to get on and off the horse. There are two ways to do this. They can either ride on their own or they can use a harness. It’s important that your kid learns how to climb on and off of the horse and doesn’t overdo it.

Safety is also important in riding. Most people who ride don’t like to take chances. This means you have to equip your kids with the right protection. A helmet and padding will keep them safe from any accidents.

Next, let your kids learn about the different parts of a horse. You might not want to start teaching them about teeth and gums unless they are very young. It’s better to start early and work your way out. You may want to include them in the grooming lessons so they can learn how to brush their own teeth. As they get older, you can move on to learning about other parts of a horse. If you are concerned about this though, you can bring along a friend or a video.

Reins Usage

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Now you need to teach your kids how to use the reins. Once they know how to do this, they should be taught how to control the reins with their hands. This is pretty easy to do and will get your kids thinking about riding when they are older. It’s important though that they are taught the right techniques and don’t make too many mistakes.

In order for them to enjoy riding, they need to have some kind of protective gear. For younger kids, there are a few choices. They can wear a simple coat or vest made of fleece and cotton. There are also jackets available that are designed for younger kids to help protect their lower bodies.

Equestrian Clothing

These are just some of the basics when it comes to equestrian clothing. There are a lot more choices if you want to be creative. The most important thing is that you let your kids learn and grow in this environment. The more they interact with the horses the more they will get used to it. Horse riding is a great activity for parents and kids alike.

Before letting them ride, however, you’ll want to let them practice. You can take them to the park so they can do some practice on the equipment you have provided. The more familiar they are with it the less likely you are to have a problem. Make sure they are allowed to practice and take lessons before allowing them to ride on live horses.

Prepare Everything You Need

On the day of the outing itself, make sure you prepare everything they will need. Make sure the ropes are strong and the horses are comfortable. At this point you will probably want to allow them to decide who is in control of the reins and the horse.

During the actual event, the first thing you do is to signal the start of the competition. Then you can start each round at any time. If you notice a rider ahead, then change gears. If not, ride freely without holding onto anything.


During the actual event, there are a few things you can do differently. Distract the horse by making him or her to go around an obstacle. This will get its attention and increase its resistance. It will also create some confusion for the rider, especially if the rider doesn’t know how to do it properly. Then, change gears once again and start the process all over again.

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