Tips For Beginner Riders In Ponies For Sale


In comparison to horses, ponies are a much better choice if you are looking for equines to buy for riding or manual work. Ponies stand at around 12.5 hands and are of the same species as horses. It is a popular misconception that ponies are just baby horses that haven’t grown yet. But they are very different in behavioral tendencies and strengths. Ponies tend to live longer than horses too. You can put a pony to use much more into their age as well. Because of their milder temper and shorter heights, most breeds of ponies are perfect for children. Here are some common things to look out for in ponies for sale.

If you’re looking for a pony to buy, here are some qualities you should look for, common mistakes people make, and some popular breeds to check out-

Ponies For Children-

Make sure to get a pony with an even temper while buying one for children. One which is safe, dependable, and well behaved. Young ponies can be wily, and upon sensing a beginner or learner on their backs, they can even be ill-mannered. So for children, an older, more well-behaved pony is ideal. The pony should be healthy and preferably over the age of 10. This would require less servicing and maintenance from their young owners.

Tips For Beginner Riders In Ponies For Sale
Tips For Beginner Riders In Ponies For Sale

The safety of the child is the most important thing to keep in mind while looking for a pony. The prettiest pony may not always be well-trained or have even temperament, so it is essential to try and look for the latter. The first pony on which a child learns confidence and riding doesn’t have to be good looking as well.

Children learning to ride should be about the same height as their first pony. This ensures that they don’t suffer from a hard fall, as learning to ride will undoubtedly have a fair amount of tumbling off.

Mistakes To Avoid While Looking At Ponies For Sale

While buying a pony for the first time, it is easy to get carried away by the novelty and all the options and end up making a wrong decision. First off, you should not turn down buying an older pony as they can be the most obedient, well mannered, and intelligent ones. They can also win your heart with their faithfulness. Younger ponies, in comparison, will be untrained, unreliable, and wily. It might also be cheaper to buy these untrained ponies, but it is certainly something a learner should turn away from. Avoid purchasing a pony based only on its looks or lovely colors.

Do not forget to ask for a trial period from the seller to figure out if the pony suits you. Taking some time to ponder over your decision and the equine you choose to buy is a good idea, as impulse buying can be dangerous and foolhardy. Also, take some time to consider if you can manage the time and expenses required for horse care.

Breeds To Look For In Ponies For Sale-

Tips For Beginner Riders In Ponies For Sale
Tips For Beginner Riders In Ponies For Sale

Appaloosas are an excellent choice for beginner riders, and they also have beautiful spotted coats. The ones with American Quarter horse bloodlines are ideal choices as well. Shetland and Welsh’s ponies are popular breeds that are suitable for learning riding and much more.