Things To Remember While Building A Horse Stable

Things To Keep In Mind While Building A Horse Stable

Are you building a new stable for your horse? Or, renovating the old one. In both cases, there are some basics that we should always keep in mind while designing a comfortable stable for your horse. Horses are enthusiastic animals and just building a wonderful stable won’t make them happy. A lot goes into while taking care of the horses. A horse stable must be light, airy, and easy to clean. It should give a comfortable homely feeling to the horse. Maintaining a horse can be a costly process, but these small things can save our money in the future.

The design of the stable impacts both the mental and physical health of the horse. Some horses like to shelter while some others prefer not stable. The first thing that we should pay attention to is what goes into a stable. Sometimes people overdo it, making the stable very discomforting for the horse. Here are some essential tips that will help you in building a comfortable barn for your horse.

Things To Keep In Mind While Building A Horse Stable

Location Of The Stable

This is the first and most important thing that we must keep in mind while building a stable for the horse. The area of the stable is a prime factor; only a stable won’t do. The barn must be made at the bottom of any hill as there are chances of runoff water. Proper ventilation and sunlight are very necessary. The horse should be able to bask in the winter sun and be able to avoid the hottest summer sun.

The Size Of The Horse Stable

One thing that should also keep in mind is the dimension of the stable and the number of stalls that we want to have. It’s always preferable to have a few extra stalls, as it can be helpful in the near future. Many horse owners make the stable too small. The barn should give enough space to the horse and the worker working in it. We generally see owners making the stalls big but the passage small, which makes it very discomforting for the worker to work.

The Flooring Of The Horse Stable

Choosing the right flooring for the stable is very important as it has an impact on the hooves of the horse. A non-skid and durable floor needed for the stable. It should not retain odor and must be easy to clean. There are various options for the flooring of the stable like wood, concrete, asphalt, or stone dust. The best flooring available in the market now is the rubber bricks. Another thing that we should also keep in mind that the flooring should not get too cold during the winter.

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The Safety Of The Horse

Safety is one of the most primary factors that we should keep in mind. Fire is the biggest enemies of these horse stables so few precautions must be taken while building a barn. The stable is mostly filled with hay, so there is a high possibility of them catching fire quicker than you think.

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