The Complete Guide to Buying the Right Horse Riding Gear

A horse wearing a hat

A casual look into the arena of equestrian sports shows that riding is not only a competition but also an art and an expression of freedom and personal responsibility. For the person who has never experienced the thrills and the spills that come along with riding, it can be overwhelming at first. There are protective gear, aids for injury prevention, special clothing and apparel, and most importantly, good horsemanship skills. But once you get the hang of it, riding becomes fun and a very rewarding sport to pursue.

A Proper Helmet Is Important

A brown horse standing on top of a grass covered field

One important piece of riding gear for both the rider and the horse is a proper helmet. Helmets protect not only the eyes and the head, but also the brain, in case of an accident. They are made out of hard plastic or metal, with the outer covering usually being made out of polycarbonate or carbon fiber. Today, there are helmets that are specially designed for racing or off-road usage, while others are more suitable for the more gentle environment of a country ranch.

Riding apparel varies according to the discipline of riding. If you’re into dressage, for example, you need a full dressage riding suit, which comes with all the patches required for this discipline. While a basic white cotton shirt and trousers are enough for a simple rider, those who wish to add some style to their appearance can choose from riding skirts, riding jackets, and riding gloves. Those who ride on horses should also invest in a riding hat.

Riding Saddle

A man riding a horse

One of the most vital pieces of riding gear is a riding saddle. This is a specialized type of saddle, made to fit a specific animal (usually horse), to prevent fatigue and backaches. The saddle is attached to the horse via a harness, which holds the animal firmly but allows movement when necessary. Saddles range in price, depending on the exact purpose and the animal being saddled. The most expensive saddles are custom made, while the cheaper ones are available at most horse tack stores.

Other riding gear that is essential for horse riders include reins and horse riding handguards. Reins provide stability and control, while horse riding handguards protect the hands from cuts or scratches. Another essential piece of gear that you won’t usually see in the average American saddles are saddles. They come in a variety of colors and designs and act as a decorative accent to the overall outfit. The most common saddle used in the United States is the English saddle, which has been around for over a century.

Bottom Lines 

Finally, the most important piece of horse riding gear, when done correctly, can have amazing benefits for both you and your horse. It can improve your ability to control the animal, as well as reduce your chances of injury. When you are not riding, the item can also help keep you comfortable. There are different styles of padding to choose from, ranging from thin to thick. The thickness should be able to contour to your own body, since everybody is different. This piece of riding gear should be considered an investment, as it can serve you for years.

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