The Best Of Top Horses

The Best Of Top Horses

The world’s Top Horses are the best horses who can produce a minimum of 75% and above in earnings on stakes races. For example, they may be six-time winners at Kentucky Derby and have been producing over one hundred and fifty percent in winning odds on a four-year basis. But if you are in a field of some five horses, there is a greater probability that only one of them will be the top horse. The same is true in the field of Best of Breed and Good Joes.

The reason for the differences in the earnings rates of Top Horses is not only their racing ability. They are also very good dressage horses who have come from distant places where they are underbred. Because they are far off, they can travel long distances without being tired. They may be at eighty or ninety miles per hour but they can still go twenty-four or more times to the same field, then use up any remaining reserves of energy and run as fast as possible.

The Best Of Top Horses
The Best Of Top Horses

Young Horses

Young horses who come from training schools in the United States and Britain usually have limited running experience, but very good endurance. Their legs are not as strong as those of their first-class competitors, so they cannot keep up with them if they are in a race with them. They may take a considerable amount of time to get up to speed.

They can take quite a bit of time and can tire out young horses who have only the best of training and cannot handle the pressure. These horses run-up to ninety miles per hour and can be very effective in races such as Grade I or Grade II. Most of these races have small purses and do not afford the horse a chance to establish himself.

World’s Top Horses

The World’s Top Horses generally have been at the top of their game for many years and they have been on the track for many years and are just on the threshold of turning professional. Some of them had actually been around the sport for years before they were introduced to the public. As a result of their long careers, they have a large following.

It is important to note that many of the trainers who train Top Horses have worked with the biggest and most successful horseplayers in the world. They understand how it feels to be top of the class in any sport. They understand how the heart rate changes when a horse is at a top of its game.

So why should anyone consider a trainer who has been training and racing for decades? They will have a wealth of experience, which is an advantage for any trainer. Know the racing conditions, which of the horses in the field is at its best, and when it is most likely to make a good race. They understand that the best athletes never win every race but rarely lose by a large margin either.

World’s Top Trainers

Many of the world’s top trainers have been called to court for charges that are based on what has been said about their behavior. They have spent their lives in sports that are being investigated for doping. They have been accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Top Horses have suffered some high profile scandals. A new breed of trainer and champion horseman has emerged in China and Japan, but they do not care about the moral issues, which is another aspect of racing that breeds controversy. One of the top trainers is George Litton, but he is already being investigated for the manner in which he treats his horses.

It is very rare that the world’s top horses are not on steroids. They may be on high doses of human growth hormone, or it may be testosterone. The effects of these drugs can be huge. Injuries occur as a result of the unnatural process.

The Best Of Top Horses
The Best Of Top Horses


Not only are the world’s top horses on artificial aids, but many of the trainers and jockeys who are working today are on them too. It appears that drugs are a way of life. It is very hard to distinguish between the human growth hormone, but tests can be done.

The best kind of horse racing is the Grand Prix on steroids. The rest of the field is happy to go along with the crowd and do the testing.

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