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For all the travel and photography/videography enthusiasts who are always ready to explore new parts of the world through the lens of your camera, this one’s for you! A portable mini tripod is easy to carry around and makes photography-based trips much more comfortable and enjoyable. The hassle of having to drag along a regular-sized tripod is non-existent since these mini tripods can be stored away in your own bag. Hence, in this article, we will be seeing the pros and cons of the usage of these portable mini tripods so let’s dive right in!

Portable Mini Tripod

Portable mini tripods are extremely convenient and useful for those who travel often as it makes packing a lot easier. They are affordable when compared to regular-sized tripods and help take quality pictures that you can cherish forever. Apart from professional pictures/videos, they can also be used to take fun vlogs, selfies, or fake candids which are loved by all since you can take them around anywhere you want to go and shoot comfortably.

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  • Use Action Cameras
  • Origin CN(Origin)
  • Type Mini Tripod / Lightweight
  • Material Plastic
  • Weight (g) 74g
  • Max Extened Length (mm) 251mm
  • Folded Length (mm) 127mm
  • Model Number MT-09
  • Package Yes
  • Maxload 2KG
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  • They are foldable, making them fit in even the tiniest of spaces left within your suitcase, bag, or even purse when you are packing for your trip, making them useful during both last-minute plans and even backpacking.
  • They are durable and hence are a long-term buy, making them available to use for a long time so you do not have to worry about buying a replacement tripod anytime soon.
  • They help maintain the stability of your camera while filming, therefore providing clear shots with no unfortunate blurriness in the frames.
  • As the name suggests, these portable mini tripods are portable and lightweight as well, making them an ideal item to carry when traveling long distances.
A tripod sitting in front of the camera


  • Using mini tripods during strong windy conditions is not recommended. 
  • It may be a bit uncomfortable to use by people who are six feet tall and over. 
  • They are made using plastic, which is not environment-friendly.


Mini tripods are an ideal first choice when you are looking towards purchasing photography equipment as it helps you focus well on what you want to film or shoot, thereby helping you come up with well-planned and/or detailed shots. It makes you think ahead of the lighting and setting so you set the tripod accordingly and click your picture, which normally wouldn’t be done by photographers when clicking pictures with just their phone or camera without an additional prop. When it comes to videography, a tripod helps film stable videos for time-lapses and smooth panning, among many other features so we recommend you to get your hands on one of these tripods if you haven’t already!

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