Some of the best Russian horse breeds

russian horse breeds

Russia takes up an exceptionally huge geological region, a lot of which is a local area for horses. Therefore, there are various Russian horse breeds out there. Truth be told, Russia is home to the most horse breeds out of some other country. 


A brown horse

The Akhal-Teke is a variety that is acclaimed for its perseverance and speed. They have a distinctive metallic sheen, which separates them from different horses. Their gleaming coat has prompted their epithet – the “Brilliant Horses.” They are believed to be one of the most established horse breeds still around today. At present, around 6,600 of these horses actually exist. A large number of these are in Russia, where they are from locally. Be that as it may, some can likewise be found in Europe and North America. 

Since they live normally in a desert, these horses have adjusted to extreme environmental conditions. They can go far without water or food, which is possibly why they have made due as long as they have. 


A brown horse

This horse breed is local to the Altai Mountains, which are in Central Asia. They have a generally short neck with a solid back. As a rule, they remain around 13.2 hands high, with coat shades of everything from chestnut to dark to dim. In some cases, they even have panther spots. 

Since these varieties are so strong and sound, they are frequently used to improve different varieties. They are not difficult to oversee and seldom have anything amiss with them. 

This variety advanced in a cruel environment. They were reared to address the issues of individuals who lived in the mountains, which lead to their definite footed nature and solid cardiovascular framework. They are certainly a horse that a great many people can get behind. 


The Kabarda is a horse breed that is from the Caucasus locale in Russia. This is a local variety and has been around for at any rate the most recent 400 years, however, its bloodline probably extends back a lot farther than that. 

The Hittite human advancement probably used this horse breed and prompted it to turn out to be so conspicuous today. They were reproduced for absolutely useful reasons, which left them with loads of perseverance and versatility today. 

This horse regularly remains around 14.5 hands high, however, they can be somewhat more modest and somewhat bigger. Their jacket is either straight, dark, or dim. They are very much ripped and worked to work. Their blood is profoundly oxidizing, making them ideal for work in the mountains. 

The Kabarda is known for being not difficult to deal with. They gather fat effectively and are not touchy to climate conditions. Truth be told, many are presented to outrageous climate consistently in their local environment. They were reared for precipitous landscape, so they have exceptionally sure-balance. They are normally very quick with high perseverance.


A portion of these horses have become terminated throughout the long term, however many of them are as yet alive today. Some are renowned, similar to the Akhal-Teke, yet others are more obscure, similar to the Altai. In this article, we’ll see eight-horse breeds that hail from  Russia. 

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