Racing Tips And Tricks For Horses

A person riding a horse in a field

There are several horses who make for a fabulous horse ride, and then there are the horses who leave you gasping for air. For an ideal horse racing, a long-distance experience, it is crucial to find out what makes each horse unique in its own way.

An experienced rider will know that each horse has a distinctive temperament. The only way to test and discover this is to try a horse out for a ride with other riders, and only then can you identify it’s style and temperament.

The Horse Racing Depends On Route And Time

The traditional horse ride is a one-way trip. And as such it is imperative that you bring along a map of the route you are going to take, with time and distances marked on it. If you do not, chances are, the person behind you, will be tripping over his map. Rr being confused at the maze of roads, and places to stop for breaks. In order to keep your ride safe, and to avoid a possible accident, be sure to ride in an orderly fashion.

Racing Tips and Tricks For Horses
Racing Tips and Tricks For Horses

At the very least, start with a short ride to familiarize yourself with the horse. Although there is nothing wrong with a three-hour test drive, it is usually not the best idea. Try a four-hour ride for the horse to gauge how well the horse has been trained. Too much riding can also cause the horse to develop resistance. And it is highly recommended to ride the horse no more than four hours at a time.

When you are ready to head off for the horse ride, it is imperative that you arrive early. The horse needs time to stretch its legs, and it is recommended that you arrive a few hours before your scheduled ride, to allow it ample time to stretch its legs and become accustomed to the rider.

Horse Racing Should Not Be Harsh On Horses

The ride should be a gentle ride. Don’t be a dictator on the horse. A horse will usually feel more comfortable if it is ridden gently. And it is usually best to let the horse lead on the ride, with the rider just following.

When you meet the horse for the first time, a little chatting should be done to get to know it. You will want to learn about the horse, and discover if it is suitable for a ride, and what you can expect from it. Ask any questions you may have, to ensure the horse is what you think it is. Just like a relationship, you need to establish a level of trust before you can allow the horse into your life.

When you get to the place where you will ride the horse, make sure that you are comfortable with the location. You will want to give the horse the space it needs to move around, and relax. A busy rodeo arena is not the best place to go for a horse ride. The horse needs time to rest. And if it has nowhere to run, it is much more likely to get stressed out, and uncomfortable.

Horse Needs Proper Food For Racing

You should also bring along a few treats so that the horse is satisfied with its food. It is wise to feed the horse slowly, and regularly throughout the ride. Do not take in an overload of food at once, because the horse will most likely get sick, and it may even require medication to help it recover.

Racing Tips and Tricks For Horses
Racing Tips and Tricks For Horses

As far as entertainment, horse riding can provide some excellent entertainment. You can choose from a variety of games, like cup toss, and other such activities. The horse and rider, will enjoy the ride immensely. And it is well worth it to spend time watching the horse perform.

Make sure that you choose a reputable company when looking for a horse. Many people are tempted to use a manger, because they are visually appealing, but this is actually dangerous. When you try out a manger, you will not only be uncomfortable but itis actually harder for the horse to relax and make it through the ride.


Make sure that the horse is well-maintained, and that the riders are adept at handling the horse. If you follow these tips, you will certainly have a truly memorable horse rid.e

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