Racing Horse Facts You Must Know

Racing Horse Facts You Must Know

Horse facts you must know: Horse racing is one of the most popular sports all over the world. Watching a single horse race can make you understand precisely the reason for racing. However, it makes you the most enthusiast and can make you know some of the surprising horse facts that you don’t know. This Horseracing is also known as the ‘sports of kings.’

There are two forms for horse racing. They are:

  • Flat Racing: It is one of the forms that don’t include any barriers for the horses to pass over the way.
  • Steeplechase: Another name for steeplechase horse racing is hunt racing. It includes some fences and obstacles to jump over and pass.
Racing Horse Facts You Must Know
Racing Horse Facts You Must Know

Horse Facts Interesting

Horse Racing Was Illegal

One of the most interesting horse facts is that horse racing was once illegal in the 16th century. The government acquired most of the horses. As well as horse racings were banned. However, they weren’t considered as one of the most enthusiast sports. Eventually, after many years, it got a popular and widespread game in the world.

Second Favorite Sport For Britain People

Horse racing is one of the popular sports in the world. However, in Britain, it is one of the favorite games for every person. Every year, almost six million people attend some horse races around the country. It is a popular sport after football.

Thousands Of Failed Racehorses Are Slaughtered Each Year:

Every year, almost 13000 racehorses are exciting about participating in the horse racing industry.There are many slaughterhouses in Australia that process failed in racing.

Some Of The Racehorses Die On The Track

One of the horse facts is racehorses die on the track while racing. The racehorses die mostly by suffering limb injuries. Some of the other injuries that cause them to die are massive bleeding and cardiac arrests. It makes the racehorses to die or collapse on the track. Almost a racehorse will die in less than two days while racing.

Steeplechase Is More Dangerous Than Flat Racing

Steeplechase is one of the two forms that include some obstacle on the track to jump over. Jumping while racing is 20 times dangerous than smoothing racing. Many of the horses got killed by multiple horses every year. Jumping sometimes makes the horses fall on their heads and necks and breaks their limbs.

Some Of The Owners Use Drugs To Their Horses

Racing Horse Facts You Must Know
Racing Horse Facts You Must Know

One of the most interesting horse facts is that some of the owners use drugs to their horses while racing. For example, you can see the cobalt saga with high profile trainers. Some stimulants can make the horses push beyond their capabilities.

Horses Can Belong To Multiple Owners

Some owners go into group purchase agreements. In that case, each of the owners contributes a sum amount of money in buying a horse. They also pay a percentage of training, farriers, boarding, veterinary, and some other bills.

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