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Purple Horse Riding Gear You Should Wear During The Next Run

purple horse riding gear

People have started to experiment with the color of the horse riding gears used and purple is the new normal color used for the riding gears. Horse riding gear is essential for safe riding as they prevent the amount of harm caused to you in case of a fall or an accident. Riders should consider wearing good quality gear for their protection. Sometimes the horses are spooky towards bright colors, thus equestrian clothing and other gears used are mainly made with an off-color palette using colors such as rust brown, or black. People also prefer purple horse riding gear as it is new and a bit different from the obvious. The purple horse riding gear options that are essential for your ride are listed below.

Purple Horse Riding Gear – Head Gear

A man riding a horse on a dirt road

The most important and foremost gear that everyone must use while horse-riding is a helmet that protects your head from any skull injury in case of a sudden fall or jump. Good quality helmets with SPI mark and the visor of the helmet should be detachable to prevent hitting your head at an awkward angle. Purple colored helmets are easily available in equestrian stores or you can also use skull hats in case you are not riding cross-country or on bumpy roads.

Purple Horse Riding Gear – Body Gear

Your entire body is at risk if not equipped properly. Thus you must wear competition jackets made specifically for horse riding purposes and available in purple color mostly for women. These jackets are tight and cover your body. The material used allows proper passage of air to avoid body heating because of exertion. Rider shirts should be used inside the jackets as an inner covering. Leather pants or legwear of many types are available for people to shift their liking from classic to fusion colors like purple.

Purple Horse Riding Gear – Other Gears

Saddle helps you hold your position whilst riding, thus a good saddle with a saddle pad and proper girth must be used by the riders. Saddles are available in many colors and purple goes well on a bright white horse and it might suit other horses as well. Boots should be used during your ride and dark purple might be used for them but otherwise, boots are generally brown or black. Using gloves prevents dryness of hands and fusion colored new-style gloves is a must-try by everyone.


Horse riding gear reflects the royalty and prestige of the rider. The gear should not be focused only on fashion but also on the safety of the rider and that makes the gears useful. Fashion should be kept just with the colors while the other things must be the same. Thus, going for colors like purple is a new-try and will give you a different look while riding. Horse riding can be an interesting activity but it will stay that way when you protect yourself with the relevant gear and accessories. When it comes to activities that can potentially hurt you, it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe because negligence can cost you more.

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