Wooden Rocking Horse Toy Ride

$284.99 $160.99

Kids will love its moving mouth and swishing tail; just press the ears to hear it sing and make realistic horse sounds
Soft huggable plush body with comfortable saddle and bridle for those long journeys
The durable lightweight frame, easy to move and batteries are included for its sound
Materials: Plush and Wood / Age Range: 3-8 yrs. old
Size: 56 x 15 x 65cm; Weight Capacity: 30kg
Package Included: 1 x Wooden Rocking Horse Toy Ride


Wooden Rocking Horse Toy Ride

Saddle up this wooden rocking horse and let your kids ride it and have fun! Get this toy, and your kids will surely have fun riding it and pretending to be a cowboy. We should provide our kids with fun toys that they are going to remember a lifetime. It will make them happy, and they will have fun memories with it. Suffice to say, we all remember what our childhood was like, so let’s give our kids something to remember as they grow up. So, let your kids make incredible memories with this wooden rocking horse.

A Ride They Will Surely Enjoy

While it’s true that we shouldn’t spoil our kids with too many toys, but let us not forget that they are young only once and they need toys. Soon they are going to outgrow it, but at least they have fun memories with it. Kids need to have great toys that they can enjoy. Not only they are going to have fun with it, but when you get to watch how they are enjoying, you too will experience great delight watching your kids play. Surely your parents have provided you with great toys, so it’s about time you do the same to your kids. They will enjoy this wooden rocking horse riding it back and forth while imagining they are indeed riding a real horse.

An Adorable Rocking Horse

You are going to adore the cute design of this wooden rocking horse. It comes with a lovely scarf on its neck. Plus if you are going to press the button on the left ear of the horse, it will wag its tail. Making noises like neighing and galloping. Furthermore, when you press the button on the right ear, the horse will sing a song. Such an adorable rocking toy!


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