Unicorn Earrings Ladies Fashion Jewelry

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It has a nice Unicorn design which is very adorable
Sparkly and beautiful. It has shiny and sparkling stones
A simple pair of earrings that can give out an elegant look
Dimensions: Length: 0.7cm; Width: 1cm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia
Package Includes:
1 x Unicorn Earrings Ladies Fashion Jewelry

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Unicorn Earrings Ladies Fashion Jewelry

Unicorn Earrings are a type of ladies fashion jewelry. They are adorable and sparkly. In fact, many women adore unicorns. A unicorn is a mythological creature that has a horn on its forehead. During the renaissance period, unicorns are believed to be a creature that symbolizes purity and charm. People believe that they look like a white horse and that its horn can cure sickness. Nowadays, there are different kinds of stories about the existence of unicorns. They are very popular with kids. Children believe that they are magical, adorable, and lovable. There are even movies about the enchanted creature. Many pieces of jewelry with a unicorn design became trendy. It’s because of its captivating stories and physical feature.

Unicorn Inspired Earrings

This is a nice earring for every woman who loves and believes that unicorns exist. As a matter of fact, this is a sparkly stud earring that can enhance your beauty. Wearing it as a finishing touch to your fashionable clothes can give you a very appealing look. It is made from sterling silver and it has shimmering cubic zircons that sparkle like a diamond. This jewelry can create a charming look. They say that what we like to wear reflects our personality. Then, wearing a unicorn stud earring can expose your innocent side. There is always a child in us who adores a pleasant and magical creature. Women are fond of cute things. Furthermore, a unicorn is one of the cutest magical creatures that could exist.

Proper Care For Your Unicorn Earrings

Your charming unicorn earrings needs a caring owner. Thus, you should be responsible and take good care of your earrings. Always keep it in a safe place where you can find it. Every once and awhile, wipe your earrings with a clean cloth before putting it inside your jewelry box. Remove your earrings before you go to sleep and never wear it while you are taking a bath.


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