Pet Grooming Glove Deshedding Aid Brush

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Easy cleaning and grooming solution
Make the grooming experience a happy one
Removes and traps loose pet hair so that no fur goes flying
Perfect for all coat types, short, medium and long
Fits all hand sizes
Even great for horses and ponies

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Pet Grooming Glove Deshedding Aid Brush

Save more time and effort as you groom your pet using this Pet Grooming Glove. Not only you get to bond with your baby but also this glove allows you to grow and dished your pet’s loose hair. Perfect to use for all coat types and collects your pet’s loose hair easily. Make grooming time easier and convenient for both of you.

Easy to Use and Gentle for Pets

Your pets will love to be stroked with this glove as they will feel that they are being rubbed and pet.

The brush will gently yet firmly remove the shedding from their coat while leaving it smooth and shiny after grooming.

You simply slip on the gloves and the rubber brush tips will remove all shedding hair from their coat.

This is also used for cleaning the coats of horses and ponies.

Durable and High-quality

Remove tangled hair from your pet while stroking it with the soft rubber tips. Also removes dust and dirt while bathing your pet.

Reusable and washable. Simply wash completely after use and dry under the sun.

Flexible mesh design which fits all hand sizes. Comfortable to your hand as if you are not wearing them. You can still clean deeply to your pet’s coat.


Simple and efficient grooming tool making it easier and quicker for you.

Can also be used to remove loose hair on furniture in your home.


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