Preakness Where are the Preakness Stakes Tips to Bet on the Preakness

The Preakness Stakes is one of the most-watched horse races in North America. The field of Thoroughbred horses runs a 1 3/16 miles race on the Pimlico Race Course infield. For 2021, you can expect to see another world-class horse racing event at this venue.

Where are the Preakness Stakes?

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Preakness Stakes race will be held at Pimlico Race Course, a historic track in Baltimore. The venue first opened its doors on October 25, 1822. Since then, it’s been one of the most famous horse racing tracks in North America. Pimlico is celebrating its 210th year anniversary this year!

7 Tips to Bet on the Preakness

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Betting on the race is easy, and there are a variety of ways to do it. Get your money ready and follow these tips to place the best bets:

1. Attend the event –

The number one and most simple way to bet on Preakness is by attending it live. Pimlico Race Course opens its doors to spectators, but you need to become a member first. It’s free, just visit their website and sign up for an account. The good thing about being a member is that you can bring your own food and drinks into the stadium!

2. Watch it on TV –

If you prefer watching over attending, then tune in on NBC Sports so you can watch all of the action happening right before your eyes. 3. Bet online through bookies –There are tons of bookies out there nowadays so finding betting sites is easy. Pimlico Race Course usually partners with a few bookmakers, but you can also visit other websites to look for odds and places where you can place your bets.

4. Bet at the track –

You don’t have to watch from afar in order to make money through Preakness. This event also has in-house betting windows so you can lay down your bets in person! If you want to make things more exciting, invest on a trifecta bet where you pick out three horses who will finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd. You just have to choose which one will win or place first, then another selection for second place and lastly another option for third place. Get all of the horses’ names and corresponding odds from your bookmaker before placing this type of bet.

5. Bet on the jockeys –

Just like in any other horse race, the jockeys play a huge role in who wins and loses. Some punters like to place their bets on which rider they think is most likely to win. You can usually find this information by reading articles or watching previews online.

6. Place a futures bet –

If you’re feeling confident about a certain horse and want to make some money off of it long before the Preakness even happens, then go ahead and place a futures bet! This type of wager is where you predict which horse will win the race well in advance.

7. Bet on a trifecta –

We’ve already talked about trifectas earlier, but they’re worth mentioning again because they’re so popular among horse racing fans. Similar to the futures bet, you’re betting on three horses this time, but you have to guess in which order they will finish. It’s definitely more challenging than picking the winner, but the payouts can be a lot higher too!

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