Pieces Of Information Regarding Betting In Horse Racing


I don’t technically bet on horses, but my system is similar to dobbing (backing and laying horses). I have been doing this for over a year now; although it’s not a tremendous amount of time, it has continuously been every single day since I began. I lost quite a lot of horse racing first quarter that I started, but now, I’m in profit. But the same as everyone, I have good days and bad days. My system works for me, so I’m just sharing what I know and hope it helps somebody. Gambling on- horse racing is like a puzzle. Pieces of the problem are the horses’ form, jockey, trainer, owner, race conditions, ground, etc.

There are various strategies out there; however, to pick the right horses requires your knowledge, as mentioned by previous answers here. Like any other skill, you need to practice and study Horse racing. With experience, you will surely develop a strategy that works best for yourself. Let us have some advice regarding the same.

Pieces Of Information Regarding Betting In Horse Racing
Pieces Of Information Regarding Betting In Horse Racing

Here Are Amazing Suggestions: Betting-On Horse Racing

1. Take your time to study the race card and choose at least 3 top horses that you fancy. After carefully looking at every possible factor, hopefully, you would select the right horse in the end.

• Watch their previous races, especially those that they lost. Sometimes good horses lose due to reasons like being hampered, broke out late, etc. which are not necessarily an indicator that they are wrong.

• Check their trainer and jockey. Are they inform? How about the owner? Most of the time, horses from large stables/owners are likely to do well. 

• Check the rating Official Rating, Racing Post, Top Speed. Also, read tips from reputable sources; some points can help you pick the right horse.

• Also, consider the draw of the horse; some race tracks have draw bias.

• Check the weights. Is this the most oppressive/lightest the horse has ever been? Is the handicap fair?

• Study the pace angle. Who is likely to lead? Is the course best for front runners? How will the race pan out basing on horses’ average speed?

• Take note of previous tactics used by the horse.

Pieces Of Information Regarding Betting In Horse Racing
Pieces Of Information Regarding Betting In Horse Racing

 Have A Betfair Account

• Catch the best odds. This can either be evening before the race or a few minutes before the race. Use odds checker or any other odds comparison sites and check which bookie offers the best odds. Choose the most convenient time to pick your horses. I usually do it at night, and if I don’t catch the best odds, I sometimes wait till morning and wait for the right price.

• Check the market in Betfair Exchange. The market can be very informative. It is a huge advantage to have insider information, but if you don’t have that like me, watching the markets can say a lot. Some horses’ odds steam even with not so good form or only not a winning horse on paper because the market knows something that we don’t.