Perfect for Reducing Wind Noise During Recording And Have A Perfect Recording! Limited Stocks Only!

Can you imagine the world without technology and innovation? Practically, that’s like still living in the primitive age. Just with that, the digital camera field is yielding great extraordinary products frequently. Like vlogging, there are many cool career options chosen by a number of people, where they require a good quality video and audio to let their audience experience the adventure themselves sitting indoors. But is that possible with a noisy distorted sound? Also, can you imagine skydiving and other adventurous sports without a good video experience and eminently, an undistorted windproof sound quality?

Certainly, No.

Hence, to your rescue, ForeMarket is here with the most exclusive Windproof and Noise Canceling Sponge for Camera with Helmet Mount Adapter to let you hear distinctly clear while facing wind or speed along with a stable shot by the camera, being perfectly held over your sporty helmet.

Windproof And Noise Cancelling Sponge For Camera With Helmet Mount Adapter

ForeMarket; where we always prefer leading the market by staying fore, and where we prefer the value for your money beyond anything.

Hence, to your rescue, we bring you the way to gently improve the sound quality of your recorded videos, with our ritzy smart Windproof And Noise Cancelling Sponge For Camera With Helmet Mount Adapter.

These sponges work wonders as they absorb and reduce the wind noise and the disturbing sounds from around, which lows down the actual background conversation, during video capture, especially while driving, cycling, or even skydiving. And the Mount Adapter, accompanying, is a perfect choice for a great hold on your cameras and a stable shot while doing so. They are super easy to be installed and removed and are pocket-friendly.

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Length of Mounter: 13 cm
  • Type: Action Camera Accessories Kits
  • Compatible Action Camera Brand: GoPro
  • Package Included_1: Flat/Curved Surface Attachment
  • Package Included_2: Double Sided Adhesive Sticker
  • Package Included_3: J-Hook Buckle Mount + Screw
  • Package Included_4: Pivot Arm + Basic Buckle
  • Package Included_5: Long/Short Straight Joint
  • Package Included_6: Mini Tripod Mount Adapter + Wrench Spanner
  • Package Included_7: Adhesive Mounts + Tether Straps
  • Package Included_8: Wind Noise Reduce Foam
  • Compatible Model_1: For GoPro Hero 5/6/7/8 Black
  • Compatible Model_2: For GoPro Hero 7 Black/Silver/White
  • Compatible Model_3: For GoPro Hero (2018)
  • Compatible Model_4: For Dusk White Hero 7 Black
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  • The sponge completely absorbs the noise, thus the camera has a better background sound.
  • The noise-reducing portable foam is made up of special sponge material which is soft, durable, and flexible, and doesn’t add weight to the camera.
  • Very easy to install and remove.
  • Gives the camera a good hold and a stable shot.


  • The extra features and specifications might make the mount adapter a little heavier than usual.
  • Extra high speed or wind pressure may result in damage to the sponge as well as to the mount adapter.


The Windproof And Noise Cancelling Sponge For Camera With Helmet Mount Adapter is the fastest, easiest, and less expensive way to reduce or eliminate noise disturbances while video recording, being engaged in several adventurous sports and activities.

Hence fix this extremely beneficial product from the house of ForeMarket on your helmet once to simply cherish the serenity around, and forget to fiddle with your equipment, while making memories on the enchanting exploratory expedition.

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