Mustangs: All About These Untamed Horses

Mustangs The Wild Horses

Wild horses are the species of genus Equus. The wild horses generally opt to live in open areas. The term wild horse also tells that the horse that is roaming free. Thus, a wild horse can also be said that a horse that lives in open areas or roams freely. Mustangs have a very old history and are the progeny of Iberian and Spanish horses. Mustang is a Spanish word, which means in Spanish a stray horse or ownerless beast. Hence, the mustang is a wild horse and has great qualities.

Mustangs The Wild Horses

The horseback riding is a fun sport, and you can enjoy it, but it requires the right level of practice. A horseback riding is an adventuress sport also exciting. This sport gives your body a proper level of strength and thus, keeps your body fit and stamina level high. This sport is an adventuress sport also very interesting. Horse riding is also a famous sport.

Some Characteristics Of Mustangs The Wild Horses

Mustangs are also one of the beautiful horses in the world. These horses have wild nature and thus, are wild horses. This horse is, also termed as the feral horse. Thus, these horses have a great look. These horses are best, known for their good endurance. Hence, these horses are very beautiful and known for their good endurance.

  • These breed of horses are medium-sized. Thus, they are up to 140 to 150cm.
  • Mustangs weight approx. 360 kg is 800 pounds.
  • Mustangs have a wide variety of color.
  • These horses have various colors, pattern, patches, and stripes.
  •  These hoses are generally chestnut color or reddish-brown color.
  • These horses are, well known for their good endurance.
  • These horses have a wild nature.
  • Mustangs are, also called as a feral horse.
  • The babies of mustangs are, called foals.
  • Mustangs can live up to 40 years.
Mustangs The Wild Horses

Thus, mustangs are one of the strong horses and live a good life span. These horses have wild nature, and that is why they are, called as a wild horse. Mustangs generally prefer to live in open areas and roam freely. These horses have a wide variety of color and are medium-sized horses.

Other Facts Of Mustangs

Mustangs are the horses that prefer to live in free, open areas. They mostly live in grassland areas. The management authority generally manages the population of these horses. Thus, the mustangs live in free zones and have a good life span.

These horses generally live in large herds. The herds usually spend their time in grassland as they graze the grasses. These horses herd have eight females and foals. A female mustang leads the herd.

brown horse

They play with each other. If you see a young mustang fighting with each other, then they are playing. Thus, do not confuse, as they are not fighting, they are playing. Hence, the mustangs are also known as feral horses and opt to live free. This is the reason they are, called as a wild horse. Mustangs are generally, best known for their good endurance.

Hence, these are one of the kinds of wild horses. Hopefully, this article may give some information on the mustangs.

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