Mustang Horse Breed – A True Affirmation Of Friendship

Mustang Horse Breed - A True Affirmation Of Friendship

Mustang Horse Breed; One of the oldest breeds in America, the Mustang horse can be found all over the country, both as a racehorse and as a show horse. Like other breeds of horses, they have come a long way in the past few years, improving their appearance, height, and endurance.

Although the birth weight of a typical Mustang is around four and a half pounds, the largest stallion achieved a record-breaking weight of four and a half thousand pounds. He was a seventeen-year-old Indian by the name of Kareem Jackson. In his lifetime, he averaged six hours of hard work a day, at a rate of eighteen miles per hour.

Basic Trait Of A Mustang

The most basic trait of a Mustang is that of extreme endurance. They were used by the Indians in their hunting expeditions as pack animals. For this reason, they were often used as side beasts or vanguard mounts for the Indians who were traveling in war parties.

Mustang Horse Breed - A True Affirmation Of Friendship
Mustang Horse Breed – A True Affirmation Of Friendship

The saddle of a Mustang is made of very tough material. Horses often wear a saddle made from a unique type of fiber called bridle leather. Other materials used to make saddles are lambskin, but the Bridle leather is considered to be the strongest.

It has a soft texture, and a rustic appearance, which makes it the perfect horse tack for horses. Horses, because of their coat, are not easily suited to standard gear made from plastic. A typical saddle of a Mustang horse will have buttons, and two buckle plates on either side of the horse’s feet.

Comfort & Safety

The saddles of the Mustang are usually covered with leather and adorned with trinkets, accessories, and horseshoe boots. The boots of the horse may be made from a blend of leather and sheepskin. They may also have rugs at the top of the foot or a thick, dark covering on the sole. While horses look for comfort and safety in the typical horse tack, the uniqueness of the horse tack makes each horse a special one, and their every whim should be honored and respected.

The colors of Mustang horses vary, but each of them comes to symbolize something to the rider. They are worn by those who recognize the sacredness of horses, and they represent peace, tranquility, and well being.

For instance, the color red is worn by horses that were used by war parties. There are many stories of war parties being chased by wild ponies that are the same color red. Red is used as a protective color and to inspire bravery and courage.

Red also represents justice, and it is also worn by a Mustang who is under the impression that the horse belongs to him. A red pony does not always mean that the horse belongs to the rider, it is a sign that the horse thinks that the rider is its master.

Ponies: Mustang Horse Breed

On the other hand, there are ponies that wear white can mean justice and purity, and horseshoe booties are worn by ponies that believe that their riders are the holy men of their tribes. White ponies are also used by animals who had just lost their parents. To these ponies, white and they are the final forms of mourn, and the ponies want to be around their owners, like all of us.

Mustang Horse Breed - A True Affirmation Of Friendship
Mustang Horse Breed – A True Affirmation Of Friendship

Of course, ponies that wear white are also associated with innocence and purity. In fact, there are some Mustang horses that are not even recognized by their riders as true ponies. But are considered true ponies when their riders do not recognize them as true ponies. It is important to realize that no pony is truly recognized by its rider, until after it has been trained.

Final Verdict: Mustang Horse Breed

Because the Mustang is such a majestic horse; they are not always the type of horse that is well known, but for those who own them; the pride and joy that is associated with them is priceless. A Mustang horse is a true member of the family and a true symbol of friendship and loyalty. Because of these qualities, it is clear that the Mustang is one of the best horses to own.

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