Most Useful Horse Breeds List For Beginners

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There are approximately more than 350 types of ponies and horses. From working and hustling to relaxed riding and equestrian rivalry, each pony has its exceptional characteristics. In any case, there are five specific varieties and five general pony classifications that stick out and catch the hearts of horse breed sweethearts all over the place. These horses regularly have flexible capacities and great dispositions. These horse breeds can be utilized for joyriding and rivalry, and a significant number of them are appropriate for first-time horse owners as well. But here is the most useful horse breeds list. 

Comprehensive Horse Breeds List

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This horse breeds list includes the top 3 breeds of horses that are suitable for different purposes. You can’t compare one breed with another due to its unique features. 

American Quarter Horse

  • Height: 14 hands (56 inches) to 16 hands (64 inches)
  • Appearance: Medium-boned; finely chiseled head; wide forehead; flat profile
  • Weight: 950 to 1,200 pounds

American quarter horse breed is one of the most popular horse breeds that you will find in almost every horse breeds list. It is equally loved by beginners as well as professionals across the world. This breed is famous for agility and athleticism. Also, if you need a horse that acts as a Shining Star on the trail or in the show ring, simply purchase this one. 


Height: 14 hands (56 inches) to 16 hands (64 inches)

Appearance: Lithe, compact body; wedge-shaped head; short back with sloping shoulders and powerful hindquarters

Weight: 800 to 1,000 pounds

The horse breeds list is incomplete without including Arabian, one of the oldest horse breed registries across the world. Its lineage goes as far as 3000 before Christ. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that every light force breed, such as morgans, appaloosas, etc., has Arabian as their ancestry back. 

So, if you are keenly searching for a loyal and loving horse breed, this one is the best fit for you. But remember, only spirited horse proprietors can handle this breed. 


  • Height: 15 hands (60 inches) to 17 hands (68 inches)
  • Appearance: Deep chest; lean body; long, flat muscles
  • Weight: 1,000 to 1,300 pounds

If you are looking for a racing horse breed, this horse breed is for you. This breed is well known as a hot-blooded breed. Thus, it is quite popular for its spirit, speed, and agility. 

So, if you were keenly looking for a multi-purpose horse that can assist you in your career in other competitions apart from racing, then Thoroughbred is for you. In addition, this horse breed is one of the most amazing life companions and the best animal for pleasure. 


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The horse breeds list is quite illustrative but if you are a beginner, then try to select a horse breed from the above-mentioned three most popular breeds. These breeds are not only a bit easy to handle but will also meet most of the requirements while being budget-friendly.

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