Most Popular Small Horse Breeds And Ponies

small horse breeds

If we talk about the horse breed, there are around more than 350 horse breeds and ponies. Each horse has its different unique qualities, from racing to casual riding and equestrian competition. But there are five specific breeds and general horse categories that stand out and capture the hearts of horse lovers everywhere. In addition, these horses have versatile abilities and good demeanors that make them different from other breeds. The horses are used to enjoying riding and competition, and some of them are suitable for first-time horse owners.

Have you ever heard about the tiny horses and why they are known for? If not, you must look ahead to learn more about this variety of horses. There is almost nothing cuter than a miniature version of something that we already love. That is the main reason why miniature horses and ponies are so captivating, just like their larger counterparts. Here, we will explore some of the small horse breeds and ponies that are famous all over the world.

Shetland Pony- The Small Horse Breeds

A brown horse standing next to a fence

Shetland Pony is coming under the most popular types of pony and is also one of the smallest. On average, the maximum is about 40 inches tall at the withers, and this small size is a big reason for its popularity. In addition, they are so popular because they are excellent mounts for small children. Despite their shorter size, Shetland Ponies are pretty strong, surprisingly robust for their size. Besides a thick coat and short legs, Shetland ponies show acute and stocky figures. Also, they are hardy and easy to care for, but their thick coats and bushy manes and tails require regular grooming.

POA- The Pony Of America

A brown horse standing on top of a dirt field

These little cuties are a variety that is actually procured from the Shetland pony. Still, they have some similarities, but this particular breed was developed and refined in America. The foundation stallion was an Arabian/Appaloosa cross and made for a versatile and beautiful spotted pony. These tiny horses were bred initially for Western riding and are very popular in that arena. However, they are used in other disciplines, including English and endurance riding also. Moreover, the height of the POA is basically 44 inches to 52 inches.

Elegant Welsh Pony

Another popular breed of horses is the Welsh Pony, and they are characteristically fast and free. A hardy nature and good temperament make these horses excellent prospects for several competitive disciplines, in addition to pleasure riding. While Welsh ponies are spirited, they balance that out with intelligence, soundness, and good nature. Different types of Welsh ponies depend on their size and body type. Most miniature Welsh ponies start at around 44 inches (11 hands and cannot exceed 12.2 hands). Welsh ponies have strong sloped shoulders, muscular hindquarters, and short backs. They also have the typical large eyes that give them a lot of expressiveness.

Final Words

Many horse breeds come from native horses from Asia and Europe and have changed very little over time. As a result, the mentioned above are some of the most popular small horse breeds in the world.

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