Competitions Around The World With Horses

When we were young, our parents always tell us to choose a friend with an alert mind. Everybody nowadays has many friends with a homely feel to connect between two people and sharing the same comfort. Not only humans but animals become our friends as well. The attachment we share with animals is pure and many times, emotional. Many people keep pets from a very young age, and some get pets at home when they are all alone in life. Pets become your best buddy with very less attachment sharing. They are loyal, loving, and very caring. Mostly you will see people have dogs, cats, birds, and fish as their pet. You will rarely find a horse as some once pet.  Only rich people can afford horses as a pet. They take their horses in some famous horse competitions.

Most Famous Horse Competitions

Horse are known for their speed. They are used in trade purpose also. In the ancient days, horses were the medium of travel and transport because of their gear. Mostly every house will have a horse in those days. Horses are a part of sports. There many competitions in which the horse participate. Some of the famous horse competition are polo, rodeo events, and dressage. These competitions are ancient. They are being performed all around the world. There are many competitions in which animals participate. There is a cat show, dog shows, and shows for other animals.

Some Famous Horse Competitions

Polo Horse Competitions

Most Famous Horse Competitions

Polo is an ancient sport of horse. the said sport originally came from central Asian origin games and is spread all over the world. Two teams play this game on horseback.  The most exciting part about this came is that in polo the players don’t have names they are assigned numbers. It is the game of players having anticipation, self-control, and determination. You get the point when you hit the ball to the goal post. Both teams are supposed to hit goals in each other’s goal post, and the other side has to defend while the other is trying to aim.  You will have to hold a long wooden mallet and carry the ball in it to the goal post on horseback.

Rodeo Events

Rodeo Events are fascinating events. Only highly train professional participate in such activities because their life risk involves in rodeo events.  Rodeo include bucking strap of the horse, calf roping, steer wrestling and saddle bronc riding. There are two categories in the rodeo event that is a rough stock event and time event. The rodeo is animals that cowboy tries to pull down and get on the horseback. The cowboy tries to buck the strap on the horse and become the horse trainer and rider.

cowboy falling on horse


Dressage is a high skill form of riding the horse. The trainer gives the horse training for months. They train their horses for competitions and exhibitions. Dressage is a masterpiece art of training a horse for ridding. Such horses are sturdy and are very attached to their master. They follow the instructions of their master with full obedience.

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