Ladbrokes Horse Racing – Guide

Ladbrokes Horse Racing - Guide

If you are new to the world of horse racing and need some tips on how to pick winners, Ladbrokes horse racing is a good place to start. Many people like betting at Ladbrokes because they know the betting odds for each race are well in their favor. The other thing that makes Ladbrokes horse racing a great choice for many people is that it is so accessible.

There are not that many options when it comes to betting at horse racing as there are many other bookmakers. In addition, there are not many books to pick from either, which makes the odds all that much better for the person who prefers horse racing.

Ladbrokes Horse Racing - Guide
Ladbrokes Horse Racing – Guide


In this article, I will go over some of the advantages that Ladbrokes has to offer as far as placing bets on horse racing goes. Before that though, let’s talk about the general characteristics of horse racing. There are four main categories that one can take into account when talking about horse racing; speed, class, form, and pace.

Also, speed refers to how fast the horse moves throughout the race. Speed will be the most important characteristic if you want to place bets on fast-paced races.

Favorite Horse

You can place a bet on speed for either your favorite or your least favorite horse in horse racing. This is because horses that move fast enough can usually catch other horses in the race in order to win. There are many factors that come into play when betting on speed.

First of all, a horse that is moving too slowly or too fast will be considered by many as unfit and a “fit and proper” one won’t even be allowed to be entered in a race. You will also find that horses that are equally fit to have the advantage in speed over their slower counterparts. It is said that the best jockeys will place horses evenly throughout the race so that every horse gets some chances to run and some time to catch up to other horses in the race.


Speed also refers to how quickly the horse is able to get around the track. This is why speed determines the winner in races with stakes races such as Kentucky Derby. Speed also has a bearing on how well a horse does after the first turn and whether or not he or she can handle tricky turns.

The form describes how well the horse is after the first turn; as well as the ability to make his way through the post-race stretch. Some horses will win all the races that they enter simply because they are the best at post-race form. It is important to note that horses can sometimes be improperly judged by an official once he or she gets into the final stretch of a race. If a horse fails to maintain proper form for the entire race, then it might be incorrectly judged.


Pace refers to how long the horse spends between all the turns that it takes during a race. It can be described as how fast the horse moves from one side of the track to the other; as well as how much effort it takes to get from one end of the track to the other. It can be easy to put your horse in a pace category that it does not belong in, but in order to bet on horse racing; it is important to separate pace from speed and class from the form.

Ladbrokes Horse Racing - Guide
Ladbrokes Horse Racing – Guide

Class is a term that is used to describe how well a horse performs in a particular race; as opposed to the speed and form of a horse. A Class 1 horse has been deemed to be the most favorable bet because of the ability to win in any kind of race regardless of what type of terrain it is running on. There are many different types of Class horses and each type has its own characteristics.

For example, a horse that is classified as a class 3 horse is very fast and has great power; but it also has no form. The horse could beat the odds any time it does go around the track but it would never be considered a sure bet to win. Although the horse has the best speed, the horse’s form is lacking.

Final Verdict

With the tips discussed above, hopefully, you now know what to look for when picking winners at Ladbrokes horse racing; and you can now begin to bet with confidence with the knowledge of what to look for in the racing world.

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