Tips On Proper Horse Care

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Know About Horse Riding And Horses Care

Horse riding has been a very popular sport in recent times. The horses are beautiful creature, and every year, thousands of enthusiasts are showing interest in horse riding every year. Horse riding can consider as a great exercise. It does look like the horse is doing all the training, but in reality, it takes a lot of balance, strong legs, and core to stay stable on the saddle. Horse riding is a great sport to spend quality time outdoors. Nowadays different games involve a horse in it. Like polo, horse racing, mounted archery, eventing, etc.

Taking Care Of Your Horse

Know About Horse Riding And Horses Care

The basic things that a horse requires are food, shelter, and proper care. Whether the horse is expensive or not, they all require proper care for their feet, adequate brushing for their body, etc. Horses have small stomachs, so they need to be fed at least three to four times a day. A mixture of hay and chaff can be the best suitable options for the horse.

A proper shelter house which has access to sunlight and well ventilated is one of the basic requirements for a horse stable. A horse spends most of the time in the stable, so it must be kept clean. Manure cleaning and removing of wet bedding must be done from time to time. There is a popular saying, “no hoof, no horse,” which means the care of the hooves is one of the primary factors in horse care. Regular brushing of its coat will keep it away from mud, dust, and insects. Regular check-up of the teeth is even necessary.

Things To Know Before Going Horse Riding

Horse riding is all about correct balance and posture. Maintaining this position requires a lot of strength, so proper knowledge about horse riding is mandatory.

  • The first thing the rider should keep in mind is his safety Proper equipment is required before we decide to step out for horse riding. Long pants and a helmet is a must. One should avoid wearing long dresses or dresses that have the chance to tangle.
  • Horse riding is all about the connection between the horse and the rider. So before getting on the horse, the rider should know his buddy.
  • Before stepping on the saddle, the rider should make sure that all the equipment is in place. He should listen carefully to all the instruction, like where he should hold straps, what he should do when the horse is afraid. How to calm an agitated horse, etc. These things are essential before we decide to go for horse riding.
person riding brown horse
  • A horse can walk, trot, run or gallop, and do each of these things the rider needs to give the command to the horse. Like to make the horse jump and slight kick in the butt is necessary. To make the horse run or canter, we need to apply pressure using both legs. To tell the horse to trot a gentle kick in with the heels will do.
  • After finishing horse riding, it’s very important to cool down the horse. A short walk for about 10 to 15 minutes will do wonders. This will build the relationship between the horse and the rider plus improve the health of the horse.

Horses Conclusion

These are a few tips and tricks that can come handy to a new rider. Horses can be tricky, so it’s very necessary to pay attention to them.

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