How To Keep Your Horse Habitat Healthy And Safe

How To Keep Your Horse Healthy And Safe

Horse Habitat; Is your horse’s natural habitat the stable with fences? Have you been making him feel that he is not part of your home when in fact he has been, and now you are left to face a real mess?

The answer to this dilemma lies in your perception of the horse’s natural habitat. It is very important to remember that he was never made to feel like a herd animal in a pen. Instead, it is more appropriate to think of a horse as a free-roaming animal, and be sure that you take certain steps to keep him healthy and safe.

How To Keep Your Horse Healthy And Safe
How To Keep Your Horse Healthy And Safe

Horse Habitat

If you have a horse that will rove all over your property when he feels inclined to do so, he will become a danger to you and your property and needs to be fitted out to keep him out. Also, if you have horses that will roam around the pasture all day then it is time to replace the fences and turn the pasture into a horse habitat.

A horse should be given shelter that he feels comfortable in and has had all his needs satisfied before he is domesticated. He has lived in the same environment as an animal in the stables and was kept with all the necessities and luxuries. Since he has been forced to settle, he has been traumatized and therefore needs special care.


First, the horse habitat must be clean. This means that you need to clean up any excrement that may have been on the ground for a while. You may need to add some special fertilizer to get the nutrients back in the soil.

Second, the horse habitat must have adequate shade. Many horses will spend their days grazing all day and will have no shade to escape to. Remember that even when they are outdoors the horse’s natural habitat does not provide them with protection from the sun.

Third, the pasture needs to be stocked with hay, haystacks, and other items that will give the horse food and shelter. Without food and shelter, they are subject to predators such as badgers and cats. Just as when they roamed, horses need to be fed. They need to be able to graze on whatever grass they desire.

Perches And Toys

Fourth, the horse habitat has to have perches and toys to encourage him to participate. If you do not have enough to accommodate the horses then they will kick or trot around the pasture instead of staying in one spot. Not only is it unsightly but also dangerous for the horse.

Horses belong to herds and to nature, so they should not be free-range animals. As part of their habitat, they should be part of a herd. On the other hand, if they were to roam around without a herd, they could easily find themselves prey to a herd of goats.

How To Keep Your Horse Healthy And Safe
How To Keep Your Horse Healthy And Safe

Finally, the horse has to have the understanding that the natural habitat is for life. They are a part of it and they need to feel part of it.

Wrapping Up

If you continue to force your horse to live in a coop with fences; you will never get him to feel at home in his natural habitat. He will take advantage of the tranquility and do just that; taking advantage of the coziness and not having to live with the rest of the herd.

So, remember that the horse is in your natural habitat. Be sure that he has a place where he belongs and is comfortable to ride in and enjoy his habitat.

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