How To Breed Horses – Useful Tips That Anyone Can Use

how to breed horses

Horses are commonly located in the flatlands biome where grass is abundant. If you’re having trouble locating horses, perhaps you could summon a stable-bred horse with a stable-bred mate, or you could use a spawn egg from another horse.

Keep Them Near To The Herd

A horse standing on top of a grass covered field

When breeding your own horses, keep in mind that they must be near each other in order for the herd to move as a unit. Tamed horses should be tamed by feeding them with food meant for horses and using one feed at a time. Horses will naturally herd together when given ample food and water, thus, it’s important to provide plenty of these two groups of tamed horses.

Arrange Fence Around The Ground

A close up of a horse

As mentioned before, it’s important to build a fence around your breeding grounds to keep your foals separate from each other. The distance between your foals can range anywhere from two to four miles. Horses aren’t known for their tolerance of strangers, much less strange men, so make sure to build the appropriate fence. You can feed your foals from different areas of your farm and create barriers to limit their access to each other.

Choose The Right Horse Diet

In order to get tamed, horses require the right diet. Horses that are fed table scraps and other uneaten food won’t be able to remain in a stable environment, much less one that contains tamed horses. Feed your horses with enchanted golden apples. The golden apple, which is full of vital nutrients, can help your horses’ bodies digest food and also help them gain weight.

Make Proper Human Interaction

Tamed breeding horses need to be trained accordingly to get used to people and places around them. For instance, it’s important to teach them to respond to their names and to come whenever called. If the animal acts awkward around visitors, it could be a sign that the animal has been neglected in its life. Remember that you will have to train your tamed horses on an everyday basis if you want them to maintain good behaviour once you begin to tame them.

Keep Them In Stall

If you’re looking to breed wild horses, then don’t allow your animal to roam free. They should be contained within a stall or pen for the rest of its life. This will ensure that they will stay healthy and stress-free during the pregnancy and birth process. Horses that are left roaming free tend to lose weight quickly and often get into trouble. Having a stall or pen will also keep unwanted animals out of your stable.

Keep The Essential Materials In Hand

You also need to have the required materials to breed horses. Typically, you will find two horses required for every pregnant mature female. This means you’ll have to find two different stalls for each pregnancy. Fortunately, finding these stalls is usually easy since you will be able to find them both online and at a tack shop.

Bottom Lines

The last part of learning how to breed horses is to prepare the animals for their journey. This involves preparing the breeding ground by cleaning it thoroughly and removing all weeds and rocks from the area. Cleaning the stall will require some time and effort, but the stats that come out of it are well worth it. When breeding horses, it’s important to know how to make sure the animals are kept as comfortable as possible so that they can provide you with high quality and reliable eggs and lambs for you and your customers.

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