Horsing War – Why Horse Owners Do It?

Horsesin War - Why Horse Owners Do It ?

Horsing War; The most recent observations and studies on the topic of horses in warfare suggest that they are much more likely to be used as mounts for soldiers. The Greeks, with their fear of attacking enemy lands without mounted warriors, had always used the steeds of war, even when they were being taken from ordinary people. However, since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, steeds have increasingly become one of the preferred ways of traveling, as can be seen by the number of motor cars on our roads. In fact, our herds of ponies now form a major part of our transport infrastructure.

However, many are of the opinion that there is also the danger that our horses may be kept in stables instead of kept out in the open in the countryside. Horses in stables have had to undergo extreme cruelty, and have been bred for weight, and bred for looks. It is hard to imagine how many domesticated animals do not suffer these circumstances, though we are only beginning to realize what their effects are, both physically and psychologically.

Horsesin War - Why Horse Owners Do It ?
Horsing War – Why Horse Owners Do It?

Horses In Stable Are Useful

The main reason that stable horses are used as a form of transport, though, is that they are easy to keep and train. When you think about it, it’s not so hard to understand why horses in stable are so useful for training purposes. There is less potential for violence if you own a horse at home rather than taking it on trips.

This is also true of people who take their horses to the local jousting or racing weekends. These people know how to manage their horses and how to manage their horses on horseback.

However, horses in stables still have their drawbacks. For example, many people will also like to keep a horse in the stable but will refuse to let the animal out to roam free. They also make lousy messengers, since they cannot tell exactly where they are going.

Downside Of Owning A Horse

Another downside of owning a horse in a stable is that it is very difficult to get it off. A horse that is kept in a stable will usually be less likely to resist being sent away.

In a typical household, horses in stables are usually kept indoors, in a stable or harness area. There is a further benefit to this, as well. Your home or office will be free from the noise created by other animals; like dogs, which tend to chew on stables.

However, the house of the owner might be made a bit of a mess, as well. It is sometimes necessary to clean up horse stables after the owner has gone home. This is often made easier, by using special solutions for cleaning; which are available at most veterinary surgeries, as well as on the internet.

It is possible to keep horses in stables as long as you can manage, but you will have to pay a fee for each animal. It is usually worth spending a bit more on your horse for the long term; however, as it is much easier to care for a horse when it is younger.

You may also be required to go through a breeding program; especially if you are intending to keep a number of horses in the same area. This will ensure that they are not too far apart and that they remain healthy.

Horsing War - Why Horse Owners Do It ?
Horsing War – Why Horse Owners Do It

Final Verdict: Horsing War

These costs will vary from one horse to another and will be influenced by the breed; age, and ability of the horse. You can expect to pay a lower fee for a young; untrained horse, but an older, accustomed to will cost more.

Horses in stables are a cost-effective way of making sure that you have a quality animal to take care of. Though you will have to share your horse with other people; you will not need to worry about paying a large amount of money each month to keep it happy and healthy.

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