Horse’s Vision: Understanding How Horses See


I love horses, but I sometimes think that if the horses can see things in the same way as I can. However, science says that most of the animals can perceive the elements as human beings do. There may be no exact idea of how horses can see with eyes or brains. However, scientists consistently study the eyes and its different components. They can provide details of how the horse’s vision works. Well, you have noticed that horses’ eyes are different from that of us. Each animal has a different anatomy. The structure of the eyes makes the horse see vivid visuals, colors, and objects at a certain distance.

Horse's Vision: Understanding How Horses See
Horse’s Vision: Understanding How Horses See

How Horse’s Vision Works: Color Perception

Generally, people think that animals have color blindness, and they may see all the objects’ colors in grey shades. But scientists reported that a horse’s vision is colorful. However, they may not visualize all the colors as human beings do. Horses can not recognize the colors vividly because they can perceive the two out of three visible wavelengths in the intensity of light. Well, we can say that the vision of a horse can be similar to that of the idea of a colorblind person. Horses can not see the redness of any object, but they can recognize the green and blue colors. A red apple that is offered to your horse maybe look like a greenish or greyish apple for him.

How Can Horse See At Night: Horse’s Vision

The structure of the horse’s eyes can catch the vision better in the dark because the eyeballs are big enough. Moreover, they can see rough roads and other objects at night. So, if you call your horse in the dark, he will come to you without collapsing with any purpose. Have you noticed the ghosty eyes of any horse? Their eyes have a membrane, tapetum lucidum, that is located at the back. Also, this membrane reflects the light in the dark, and so horses can see in the night too.

Horses’ eyes can not reflect the lights immediately. Hence when their eyes come across the light in the dark, they will blink considerably late on. Your horse may hesitate to enter the dark tunnel from a sunny road because their eyes may take some time to reflect the changes of light exposure.

Eye Color

Generally, horses have brown colored eyes, but they may have glowing blue eyes also. Commonly they have brown eyes. Horses that have white color spots on their faces, such as Pintos, Paints, and Appaloosas, have glowing blue eyes. They look like a spook. Also, they have no difference in vision. They also have the same idea as that of the horses with brown eyes.

Horse's Vision: Understanding How Horses See
Horse’s Vision: Understanding How Horses See

Natural Protection Of Eyes

Horses’ eyes are naturally protected with the nictitating membrane. The nictitating membrane is located in the corner and can protect the horses’ vision from the grass, dust, and seeds. Furthermore, it would help if you cleaned the edge of their eyes with a smooth sponge as you see the grime and tearing. 

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