What Feeling Does Horseback Riding Give?

Horse Riding Is Full Of Fun

Humans have been riding horses for centuries now. Historical evidence states that horses are being used for a long period for riding, transportation of goods, pulling carriages, and other working purposes. Horses were also used in wars in the past. Since then, horse riding has been in human culture. Humans have domesticated horses for around 5000 years. Equestrianism is another name of Horse Riding. Apart from traditional use and cultural purposes, horseback riding is now a part of sports as well.

As a part of public service, horses are being used in patrolling, police service, traditional or cultural ceremonies, and other activities. Human use horses in farming, in some regions of the world. Horse riding is also a fun and non-competitive recreational activity.

Horseback Riding Is Full Of Fun

Horseback Riding As A Sport

Horse riding was introduced as a sport in the Summer Olympics in the year 1900. Furthermore, horse riding got a division in three disciplines the Olympics. Dressage, Show jump, and Eventing are the three disciplines. Horse racing is one of the most attractive sports. Various types of horse racing are as follows:

  •  One of the most popular forms of Horse racing is Thoroughbred horse racing. Also known as flat racing in the UK. The Jockey Club governs this race.
  • Steeplechasing is horse racing on a track where the horses jump over obstacles with the rider on its back. It is very common in the UK.
  • Endurance riding is a sport in which very popular in the United States and Europe. Arabian horse dominates these races. It is a 50 to 100 miles (80 to 161 km), race over the mountainous region, with stops at scheduled intervals.
  • The Ride and Tie Association organizes the Ride and Tie race in North America. Two riders and one horse take part as a single competitor. Here the riders alternately run and ride.
  • Showjumping is a type of race where a horse jumps over an obstacle controlled by the rider. In a show, there are multiple jumps. The way a rider and his horse completes the course and the time taken by them to complete the course forms the basis of reward.
  • Harness racing type of horse racing found throughout Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.
Horseback Riding Is Full Of Fun

Horseback Riding As A Recreational Activity

The English riding or Classic riding is also a recreational horse riding activity. People interested in horse riding can learn horse riding from various clubs. Some Racing clubs and stables allow visitors to attract people towards horse riding. Carriage rides are available with some charges near parks and picnic spots. We should take up Horse riding for adventure must be done under the guidance of a horse riding trainer. 

two men riding brown horses

Impact On Health

As a sport horse riding involves a lot of health risks. A horse being animal weighing much more than a human there is always a risk involved of it hurting the rider by being out of control. Also, the horse riding activity is very exhausting. It requires the rider to have good stamina and fitness. Hence the rider needs to work on himself for fitness as well in training the horse. 

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