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If you have a horse in your stable, then you might constantly keep needing horse products to help in maintaining the health of your pet and to ensure ease in handling. There are some products that can be very helpful to you for the proper care of your pet. Take a look at these below.

You can easily place your orders for these products online and avail easy door-step deliveries from our executives. Now you need not run to the store to look for products that may help in proper keeping of your pets. Our online platform is completely dedicated to horses and promises to bring you some very cool products.

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Rechargeable LED Horse Tail Lights

This LEd tail light is built with adjustable metal buckle and Velcro for stable attachment on your horsetail. The battery has a waterproof case to prevent damage and with bright lights effects. It is built with rechargeable batteries and low power consumption to enable long-lasting use and life. This one is a perfect gift for your horse-loving friends and families. The horse light tail is 100 cm in length.

The main purpose of this tail is to add an appealing look to your pet and also to enable you to spot your horse on your farm during the night. The LED light will ensure you that your pet is somewhere in close vicinity and has not wandered off.

Professional Horse Riding Gloves for Men and Women

These horse riding gloves are made with breathable and light design. They are the perfect fit for your hands. These give you the best control over your fingers with its ergonomic design. The gloves are built from comfortable, durable, and superior microfiber fabric. These come with fastener tape and an elastic band that can be adjusted to fit your hands. There is no need to take off the gloves when using a device with its touch conductive fabric on fingers. It is made of microfiber and is available in sizes M and L.

While riding, you need good quality gloves to get a firm grip on the reins. These horse riding gloves are made keeping in mind their main purpose. These will give you ease and fun while riding.

Portable Leather Horsewhip

 This portable leather horse-whip is made from the finest PU leather material. The handle is built with a non-slip design that does not fall off easily. It operates with more stability and power with its wrist strap design at the handle. It is the perfect horseback riding accessory. The whip is made from PU and metal and measures 50 cm and 70 cm.

A horsewhip is a useful tool for riders and horse-keepers. It is a tool to discipline your horse and to communicate with your animal while riding. All riders use a whip and there is a technique to use it properly too. This horsewhip is made from the finest quality materials and is highly recommended. So, hurry up and place your online orders now!

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