Horse Riding Shoes For Kids – How To Make The Best Of The Horse Riding Training

horse riding shoes for kids

Children must be exposed to all kinds of physical activities so that they may have an all-round development and a healthy immune system with a fast metabolism. Even toddlers advancing from crawling or toddling to walking is a step ahead in their motor skills development and is important for kids to continuously learn various movements like climbing stairs or running around and refine these skills into slowly engaging themselves in sport or athletic activities in order to understand how their body works and functions so that they can have a healthy growth and keep their body active. This includes activities like horse riding and other related sports as well. Therefore, in this article, we will be looking at the type of horse riding shoes required for kids since the wrong footwear can not only fail to protect your feet but can also cause accidents if the shoe gets stuck in the stirrup and they are as follows. This article contains information on horse riding shoes for kids.

Horse Riding Shoes For Kids – Regular Riding Boots

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Regular riding boots are the most common to find anywhere in the world and are usually relatively cheaper than the other, more detailed footwear alternatives. These boots are an all-time classic that is high enough to cover the leg, thereby managing to avoid the frequent saddle pinches that may occur whilst riding. Its front is also sturdy and protects the rider’s foot and toe.

Horse Riding Shoes For Kids – Paddock Equestrian Horse Riding Boots

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Usually made of leather, the paddock type of horse riding boots are also known as Jodhpur boots are short lace-up boots that can be used for both everyday use and casual or leisurely riding. For additional protection, they come with half chaps, which is a type of gaiter, to make the boots seem elongated. While some paddock boots come with zippers, some do not. These are the most commonly used boots by children since growth is inevitable amongst them and you’ll find yourself buying a new pair often.

Horse Riding Shoes For Kids – Footwear To Avoid

Slippers or flip flops, crocs, high heels, sandals, trainers, and hiking boots are refrained from being used whilst riding a horse. Horse riders of all ages need to wear equestrian boots with a smooth sole and a minimum of at least one to one and a half-inch heel. Although riders of the past from years ago used to wear boots with a higher heel; this is not advisable in today’s present world.


Horse riding is a great activity to keep your child engaged in since it also promotes hand-eye coordination and allows individuals to develop a healthy and loving relationship with animals at a young age and understand them better as well. It also enhances reflexes and inculcates a steady balance in one’s posture. Every component when it comes to a sport is important and contributes significantly to the performance of the professional. We hope you have understood the basics on that note.

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