Horse Riding Lessons Workshop For Beginners

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If you are a new owner of a horse or you are just curious to know about horse riding, this workshop will give you an overview of how to get started with horse riding. Here are a few things that you can start with.

Find Someone Who Knows

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Horse riding is kinda tricky and can be a risky thing if you know nothing about it and you decide to learn it on your own. The first step towards learning something that involves some risk is to find someone who knows how to do it. There are things that you might be doing on your own to learn horse riding, but finding a professional will stop you from developing bad habits. Having an experienced trainer with you also gonna prevent accidents and horse riding will be more fun for you.

It would be better if you’re comfortable with someone’s teaching style and you’re able to understand their instructions, it will make the learning process easy for you. 

The other thing is that the horse which is being used for your training must be well trained as well so it’s better if the instructor owns well-trained horses.

Preparing The Horse

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The first step when you actually start learning horse riding is to brush the horse. It won’t just help you avoid bumpy rides, but it would also help you to connect with the horse.

Make sure you clean the horse gently and keep on rubbing him while you brush him. 

Once you’re done brushing your horse, the next thing is to put a saddle on it. 

Put the saddle pad far above the horse’s neck and slide it down till it gets towards the middle of the shoulder. Then, put your saddle on top of it and after that, the last step is to fix the girth to the billets so the saddle would stay fixed and secured in its place.

Once you’re done fixing the saddle, the next step is to put the bridle on the horse. Start with putting the reins over the horse’s head. This would help you in case you need to leave the horse’s head while installing the bridle. Make sure you stand close to the horse, in front of his shoulder, so you could prevent any head movements. Then take the halter off the horse’s head. Now hold the horse’s bridge of the nose with your right hand and turn his head to the side and lower it. Pet over his nose to make sure he’s relaxed. Stick your fingers in his mouth where there are no teeth, Then insert the bridle.


Learning horse riding is not just about sitting on a horse and going for a ride. There are a lot of things involved in it. Finding a good instructor and learning to prepare the horse for riding are important steps in the process of learning horse riding.

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