Horse Riding Lessons In Safety

horse riding lessons

For those who are passionate about learning horse riding, here are a few useful tips on riding a horse safely. Beginners can find it tough initially and prevent accidents or falls, certain safety tips should be kept in mind. It is not an easy sport and you need to be patient and gentle while handling a horse. So, if you are keen on horse riding, keep these safety tips in mind.

Hire An Instructor

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You cannot learn horse riding from a book, internet or an audio lesson. You need to have a guide or an instructor beside you to teach you from the basics. There are many essential skills that you should know too including understanding horses, after riding care and safety parameters.

Saddle Up

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A newbie should always use a saddle for horse riding.  Do not attempt riding without tying your horse to a saddle. This gives you additional benefits for a ride and your safety. Once your horse is saddled up, you should also learn how to mount carefully. How to place one foot on the saddle and then push your body upward. You need to hold on to the right reins while doing so, else you will make the horse uncomfortable.

Walk On

Initially, it is advised to take a slow walk on the horse until you feel balanced and comfortable. In the first few days, you should only walk around on your horse to get used to the feel and balance. It does feel awkward at first, but then you get used to it.

Walk, Halt and Turn

One of the first lessons an instructor might teach you for horse riding is to walk, halt and turn your horse. It takes time for a beginner to get used to the horse’s motion at first. The best way to instruct a horse to turn is to use a direct rein. You can also use the technique of neck rein if you want to instruct the horse to turn.

Trotting, Jogging, Cantering, or Loping

Once you gain confidence in this basic horse riding, you can move on to trotting, jogging or cantering on your horse. The pace will increase and you will now begin to enjoy the thrill of horse riding. 

Safety Tips 

A coach will always teach you safety tips before you begin horse riding:

  • The arena etiquette and safety tips prevent the rider from getting too close to each other while riding. This is one of the basic rules of horse riding about maintaining a certain distance from each other’s arena.
  • Safety on the trail includes riders to be cautious and mindful of any possible obstacles coming on the way that they need to watch for,
  • Extra caution needs to be observed while riding in the dark.
  • Most important safety tip for horse riding is to wear your proper safety gear such as riding boots, hat, etc.
  • Never go very fast on your horse if you still cannot handle it properly.
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