Horse Riding Gloves For Kids – Helping Children Learn Protection

A person riding a horse jumping over a fence

Many riders wear gloves during competitions but choose not to wear gloves when riding at home. Gloves are often regarded as must-haves and ignored because they are a must-have for all riders. Many adults like to ride without gloves because it is more convenient for them to learn to ride a horse without gloves when they grow up. If you have a young child starting a horse-riding trip, make sure they always wear Horse Riding Gloves for Kids. 

Here, we have listed the durable and good quality Horse Riding Gloves for Kids that love horse riding.

Horse Riding Gloves For Kids – Tough-1 Riding Gloves

A man riding a horse in a field

These are cotton gloves that come along with a pebbled grip on the palms. Breathable and moisture-wicking, so you can keep your hands comfortable while riding a horse for as long as you want. They are Machine washable and are available in various colors like black, white, red, blue, and purple as well as small to large sizes.

Horse Riding Gloves For Kids – Heritage Gloves 

A horse wearing a hat

These gloves are made of breathable and durable synthetic fabric. They are suitable for year-round use. The tailored rein design ensures comfort when holding the reins. They are machine washable and come in solid colors or various interesting designs.

Horse Riding Gloves For Kids – SSG Glove

These gloves are exceptional ones for feel, grip, breathability, and durability. They have a long-lasting and extended grip from the digital pattern. These gloves are currently only available in brown color.

Horse Riding Gloves For Kids – Loveson Gloves                  

These Loveson gloves are suitable for any season and are perfect for daily use! They will keep you warm in colder climates, but not thick or bulky when hands get hot. Currently, these are available in pink, blue, brown, navy blue, and black.

Horse Riding Gloves For Kids – Shires Gloves

These Shires gloves are made of 100% cotton, and the rubber grips can cover your fingers and palms to keep the reins in perfect condition. They are currently only available in black. If you ride a horse every day, you may want to choose something more durable.

Horse Riding Gloves For Kids – Heritage Gloves for Kids

These gloves are perfect for all year. The crocheted cotton upper and leather palm provides a simple but durable good grip to hold the reins. They are available in brown and black and are very comfortable and practical.

Horse Riding Gloves For Kids – Ovation Gloves

Ovation Horse gloves are top-notch for all climate use and they are very flexible even for small hands. Available in black and more color combinations.


These Horse Riding Gloves for Kids are all fantastic choices. All of the gloves mentioned above are fantastic for younger riders, are durable, and feature lower-priced points. If you need a couple of driving boots or a helmet on your kid, make sure you do some research and get the best ones as your child’s safety is very important.

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