Horse Riding Gear Vector – Tricks To Purchase The Best Gear

horse riding gear vector

Horse riding is an activity that is overwhelming and exciting. It is becoming a favorite hobby of young people. But if one doesn’t have any skills to do horse riding then they might need some training to do so. Apart from skills, the most important part of horse riding is to have perfect gear and tacks to ensure a safe riding experience. Though there can be a long list of gears for horse riding but for a beginner few things will be enough. 

Safety Gear

A man riding a horse on a dirt road

It is important to ensure your safety while horse riding as it involves falls and risk. Safety should always be a priority. Make sure to have well-fitted safety equipment. One of the safety equipment is a helmet. One can get an inexpensive helmet in the beginning. The helmet can be a cowboy hat or a standard helmet with leather detailing. One can get a helmet according to personal choice. One should try to get a helmet that is lightweight as it keeps the head cool. While horse riding the common problem is a sweaty head, therefore a helmet with soft leather material should be chosen. A vest is also a body protector. When one falls, it saves the internal organs and absorbs the shock of the fall. One can also get an air vest that provides a cushion across your neck and sides and inflates via CO2. A comfortable vest that allows movement and is lightweight is desirable. 

Gears For Horseback Riding

A man riding a horse jumping over an obstacle

For horseback riding, the most important gear is a saddle. The type of gear depends on the riding discipline. One needs to buy an English saddle if he or she is learning English riding, whereas if one is learning western riding discipline then a western saddle will be required. Make sure to choose a saddle that has the perfect size and weight for your horse. The next item to buy is a saddle pad. They are necessary to avoid any discomfort. The next item needed is a girth. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. It helps to hold everything in place. One also needs to buy a bridle and reins. It goes into a horse’s mouth. The reins should be of the correct size not too long nor too short. 

Footwear And Trousers

One must get footwear which is suitable for horse riding as one has to suffer damage if not wearing suitable boots. Make sure to buy a boot with a small heel to prevent slipping. One can get either long boots or short boots. Long boots prevent rubbing on your leg but they are quite restrictive. Short boots allows more flexibility and are less expensive. Try buying trousers which are made up of stretchy materials. Avoid buying trousers that are white, cream, or beige colored.  Recently people are preferring to wear tight leggings, but they are quite slippery. 


Thus, before starting horse riding make sure to get all the essential items that are a must for a safe and wonderful experience of horse riding

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