Horse Riding Gear For Girls – Have The Safest Adventure Now

Horse Riding Gear for Girls

Horse riding is one of the most exquisite sports. It requires the rider to be concentrated and vigilant the entire time. Girls like horse riding for various reasons. It gives them the confidence that they can most certainly do anything that they put their mind to. And to be completely safe while riding, they need the right gear. Horse Riding Gear for girls are not very easily found. It is often confusing to understand what gears are a must-have as a rider girl.

Some Basic Gears

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Saddle: A saddle should be one of the first things you buy. A saddle is a seat that is fastened to a horse’s back and the girth. It helps the rider to be seated on the horse’s back for a long enough time and provides a strong grip to avoid you from falling.

Saddle Blanket: When you get a saddle for your comfort and safety, you should also get a saddle blanket for your horse’s comfort. A saddle blanket acts as a cushion between the saddle and the horse’s back and avoids the horse from getting scratched or hurt in any other way.

Bridle – You are on the horse’s back now. And the horse starts walking, how would you control the speed or the direction of your house? This is where the bridle comes into the picture. It helps you control the speed and allows you to direct the horse as you wish. You need to be very careful when you put on the bridle on your horse as a small part of it goes inside the horse’s mouth and can hurt him if put on incorrectly.

Seems enough, doesn’t it? You are now equipped to sit and direct your horse. But this isn’t enough. There’s a lot more involved when it comes to horse riding. Most important and above everything else, safety. Always remember, regardless of what a good rider-girl you are, accidents can happen while horse riding.

Horse Riding Gear For Girls

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Helmets: As for bikers, it is equally essential for horse riders always to wear a helmet. If you choose not to invest in any other safety equipment, you should at least get a helmet. Always choose a good quality helmet that fits your head perfectly to prevent any head or brain injury.

Boots – When we say ‘boots’, not just any kind of boots will do. As a rider, you must invest in the right rider boots. Rider boots serve multiple purposes. It saves your foot from slipping through the stirrup, prevents your toes from getting trampled, and tall rider boots protect your legs from chafing.

Safety Stirrups: If God forbid, an accident was to happen, a safety stirrup will allow you to release your foot easily. The absence of a safety stirrup can cause you to be dragged by horse until the horse stopped running. It seems scary, but an easy way to avoid it is to get a safety stirrup, which will quickly release your foot.


These were some Horse Riding Gear for Girls that are must-haves! All the gears mentioned above are essential for fun and safe horse riding. It is important to have fun while you do something you love, but it is even more important to be safe so you can continue horse riding for a long time!

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