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under armour horse riding gear

Welcoming all horse riding lovers! Horse riding is one of the most loved sports in the world and rightfully so. The feel of the wind in your hair and the power of moving at a high speed in nature – we all know how that feels. However, one thing that can make horse riding rather uncomfortable is if you don’t have the right horse riding gear. If one doesn’t have the correct gear, one can end up tearing their clothes and worse, injuring themselves.

Looking for this gear appears to be excessive. Where do you start, what’s significant and what would you be able to fill in for things you as of now have lying around in your wardrobe? You needn’t bother with all the stuff available to begin with horseback riding, not in the least. Be that as it may, you do have to put resources into a couple of good quality pieces to help you stay protected riding a horse.

The Right Clothing: Under Armour Horse Riding Gear

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Appropriate clothing is a good start. Breeches or tights for English, and breeches, tights, or jeans for western. A well-fitting top helps, too. If you wear loose clothing, there might be chances your clothes tearing, which in turn, might lead to you falling off your horse and potentially injuring yourself.

The Right Shoes: Under Armour Horse Riding Gear

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Solid shoes or boots that will provide some protection from a 1,000 pound animal stepping on your toes are a good idea. Those shoes should have a smooth sole that’s narrow enough to slip out of a stirrup, and enough of a heel to prevent the foot from slipping through the stirrup. A typical threat when horseback riding is the danger of stalling out in the stirrup with your foot. In the event that you tumble off while your foot is stuck in the stirrup, you can be hauled after the pony and get harmed. That is the reason it’s essential to wear boots with a heel and covered lower leg to keep this from occurring.

The Right Headgear: Under Armour Horse Riding Gear

The most important piece of protective Under Armour horse riding gear for a rider is a helmet! You don’t have to burn through many dollars to discover something that works. The only thing you need to pay special attention to is the security principles, it’s fine. Various nations have various norms, so check what the standard is for your country. Customarily, the security standard is given depending on a test that decides whether the headgear can ensure you, in the event that you ought to be in a pony related mishap, for example, tumbling off. There are also body protectors made of firm foam, and even self inflating safety vests that work like airbags in a car. These are mostly used by jumps riders and rodeo rough stock riders.

All in all, for the best horse riding gear out there, we definitely recommend Under Armour’s horse riding gear – clearly. But there are several other brands that can fit in your budget, but do keep in mind these tips!

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