Horse Riding Boots For Kids- Buying Guide

horse riding boots for kids

Do you wish to go for horse riding every single day and make it into a practice? Do you want your kids to do the same? Then you would want to have the best horse riding boots for kids- but it is not easy to find the perfect one. If you are looking for new boots, a buyer’s guide should be able to help you. Various kinds of horses need various kinds of riding boots, and you should consider the key points. Riding boots come in different shapes and sizes, and here are the points of consideration.

Type of Boots-Horse Riding Boots For Kids

A young man riding a horse

Dress boots are one of the best types of boots that you can find, and it is popular for hunting. It is mostly made out of leather, and you can also go for the cheaper option. It has a very high cut, and the fitting will be perfect. The leather quality is stiff, and it will be very durable even if your kids are fickle.

Field boots are long riding boots that have zippers instead of cuts. The comfort factor is good, and it is made out of soft leather. It is especially good for the kids because it is comfortable and breathable on the skin. Apart from that, you can also get hold of the cowboy boots, which is good for the kid.

Kind Of Material-Horse Riding Boots For Kids

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There are two different kinds of material in which you can get these boots. Synthetic and leather are the different kinds of which have the benefits and disadvantages as well. There are various levels of prices and quality, and the recommended material is leather. They are very stylish and also expensive, but it is better to get hold of genuine leather. It is easy to mold them in shape, and if you get original leather, it will fit on the children’s feet easily. But if you have a budget crunch, you have to get hold of the synthetic riding boots. It will not be as comfortable as leather, but you can wear it during the summer season.


It is very important to understand the shoes’ fitting if your kid is going for horse riding purposes. The pair of boots should not be too big or too small. Some people have many difficulties finding the right one, but you should buy a bigger size.

Type Of Wearing System

Should your kids wear the one with the zip or the cut? If you use a zip-up, it will be easy for your kid to open it. Pull up shoes can be a bit loose, but it is for your child to understand which suits them the best.


It is equally important to understand the quality as it is to understand the measurement. Measuring the boots will be hard work, so you have to call an expert for the measurement purpose. Now that you know how to get hold of the horse riding boots for kids, why are you waiting anymore?

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