Horse Racing Handicapping Systems – Take Them To The Next Level

Horse Racing Handicapping Systems - Take Them to the Next Level

The past few years have seen a lot of changes to horse racing. Where bettors once shunned them for their lack of “sport” and poor animal welfare, today they have made the leap into the sport with ease. Nowadays, horse racing can be as fun and exciting as any other form of betting.

Horse racing betting has become more sophisticated over the past several years. This is due in part to the fact that computerized systems are being used to handicap races and as a result horse racing results are more widely available than ever before.

Horse Racing Handicapping Systems - Take Them to the Next Level
Horse Racing Handicapping Systems – Take Them to the Next Level

Gut Feeling Game

It is often said that horse racing is a “gut feeling” game and that it is better to be an educated guesser rather than a chance punter. And because of the changes in handicapping methods that are being brought about by computers; it is becoming more common for bettors to make educated decisions rather than chance ones. However, you still need to use a variety of betting systems to best handle your handicapping activities.

There are many good horse racing systems available on the market today. The most popular systems include the Trailing Line System, the Historical Pattern System, and the Bill James System. Each system has been developed to be applicable to each horse racing event it covers.

Trailing Line System: Horse Racing

Some betting systems are not completely in keeping with the racing course itself. For example, the Trailing Line System makes use of racing statistics gathered by Steve Kostka to place a designated amount of bets on the horse the winner will be. In essence, it is not truly a system in the traditional sense because it does not take into account factors such as speed or jockey placement.

The Historical Pattern System is one that is not quite like the others. It was developed by J.O. Matthews, a horse racing handicapper, and statistician, and employs a statistical system to determine the outcome of each race.

In addition to placing a designated amount of bets, this system calculates the total amount the winner will pay to the purse; the amount the trainer and jockey will split after paying off expenses and winnings. The Bill James System is also not actually a system as it makes no attempt to calculate the actual score of each race. Instead, it breaks the races down by the standard method and then comes up with a point scale that is based on those standards.

In fact, using these three systems, you should be able to effectively handicap any type of racing. They will certainly give you a better opportunity to be a better wager than most horse racing systems do today.

And while it may be true that you may be under-betting to win; that is not a problem that arises from these horse racing systems. What happens if you do win by a significant amount? Once you take into account the amount of money successful wager nets you and the percentage of winnings that you will receive on your wagers, you should find that they are just as good as using the common handicapping methods.

Horse Racing Systems

Horse running systems today are increasingly computerized. While you will still need to use a good amount of intuition and gut feelings in order to come up with an accurate betting system, there are plenty of different handicapping methods that you can choose from. With so many choices to choose from, it is possible to find the right system for you.

Horse Racing Handicapping Systems - Take Them to the Next Level
Horse Racing Handicapping Systems – Take Them to the Next Level

Final Verdict

You might want to go for one that is more advanced in its approach. If you are not sure what specific aspect of horses racing you want to get a handle on. Also, you might decide to purchase one that is more basic and can help you get started; in the right direction with less stress and confusion. You might also want to purchase one that provides additional information that you might want to use, such as picks for the day’s action or a recommended horse racing site.

By using these three horse running systems; you will be able to profit from a horse running no matter what level of handicapping you are at. You can profit by becoming a solid bettor, or you can profit by using the best systems for maximum profit.

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