Horse Gear Riding Checklist – Protect Yourself During An Adventure

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Riding on a horse is considered a delightful activity to many people. Many people are passionate about riding horses even to this date. Horse riding is also be considered a competition where people compete on finishing a race while riding on a horse. While riding, many things need to be considered. One should be wearing proper clothes along with appropriate gear to prevent themselves from sustaining major injuries when falling off a horse. Horse riding gear helps a person in many ways. Some items in the horse gear riding checklist include the following.

Horse Gear Riding Checklist – Helmet

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The first and foremost safety gear that is extremely significant is the helmet. While horse riding, there are many times a person falls. This can lead to critical head injuries affecting the brain. Sometimes, it can also prove to be fatal. One should wear a helmet that is designed specifically for horse riding. Any other sort of helmet, for example, bike helmet, does not protect the head during horse fall. The helmet should be of appropriate size and fit properly. A horse rider coach can guide the rider on buying the correct helmet. There are different types of helmets for horse riding. For English riding, one can wear a normal inexpensive helmet. For western riding, helmets designed to look like cowboy hats and standard helmets need to be worn. 

Horse Gear Riding Checklist – Safety Vest

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It is often encouraged to wear a safety vest. When a person hits the ground from a horse fall, from cantering or jumping, many injuries are acquired other than head injury. To protect the chest, and other essential organs that might get affected due to the fall, a safety vest is worn. The safety vest also protects from breaking ribs during the fall. Body protectors are the basic vests that are designed in such a way to absorb the shock of fall and also from internal organs injury. Air vests are mainly the type of vests that inflate with carbon dioxide when a person falls hence providing cushion stability across the neck and other sides.

Horse Gear Riding Checklist – Saddle Pad

The saddle pad is not only essential for the horse but also ensures the safety of the rider. The quality of a saddle pad matters a lot when choosing basic saddle pads. One can also wear a customized saddle pad according to their own needs. One should always have a saddle pad with an adjustable gullet as it can fit a variety of horses. One can buy the saddle pads easily online. Stirrups and stirrup leathers are not included while buying the saddle pads.


These items are easily available in sports equipment stores or malls. They protect a person during horse riding and also offer basic comfort. You have to remember that safety comes first when you are going on adventurous activities like these and we have come up with a list of basic gear writing checklist you might want to take a look at before you go for the purchase.

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