Fun Facts You Must Know About Horses

Fun Facts Of Horse For Kids

Horses are one of the ancestral mammals in this world. They have been mankind’s favorite domestic animal for centuries since around 4000 B.C. They were one of the significant means of transport in the early years. Not only the horses were a means of transportation, but they were also into other jobs as a carriage. A very interesting fact is that they can sleep both while standing up, and by lying down. This four-legged mammal can run very fast, just a few times after their birth. The binomial name of a horse is EQUUS CABALLUS. Now let us study more about this animal.

Horses’ Bodies Consist Of Around 205 Bones.

Horse: Few Fun Facts For Kids

They are measured by hands, which is equal to 4 inches or by the width of a hand. The tallest one was recorded was a shire is Samson who was 7 feet 2 inches tall, which is 21.2 and a half hands. Moreover, Samson was the heaviest also who weighed 3360 pounds. These animals are very strong and large animals and can pull heavy loads.

Racehorses can run up to 30 miles an hour. The legs and hooves of a horse are very unique in structure. These hooves are like human nails; they grow and one should trim them in every 4 to 6 weeks. But “old billy” was the oldest horse on record with a life span of 62 years. The basic gaits of a horse that prompts their movements from slow to fast are a walk, trot, canter, and gallop.

Three Main Types Of Horses Are:

Hot Blood Horse

They are one of the fastest horses and you can majorly see them in various competitions racing, etc.

Cold Blood Horse

These are generally bred and people majorly use them in work purpose.

Horse: Few Fun Facts For Kids

Warmblood Horse

They are the combination of the other two types and are people use them in various competitions.

Another interesting fact about the horses are, they are of different colors and has names accordingly, like:
The one with light reddish-brown to dark brown and with a black mane, tail, and lower legs are called Bay. Whereas a light golden shade is called Palomino, again a reddish color without any touch of black is called Chesnut, and a yellowish or a tan coat is named as Dun, and so on.

In The Phases Of Life, Horses Have Different Names According To Their Age:

We call a baby horse which is less than a year as a foal. Yearling the very next stage with a year between one to two. A male horse below four years is are Colt whereas we all the female as a Filly. We call male horses above the age of 4 years as a stallion, and we call the female as Mare. A castrated male horse is called Gelding.

brown horse beside black steel gate

Horses are mainly herbivorous. They keep on grazing on grasses eat hay. Peas, beans, carrot apples are also in their food habits. They have an excellent sense like bright eyesight, good hearing, and a fantastic taste of balance.

Horses are beneficial animals for all time. Horse riding horse competitions and racing are part of amusements to people.

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