Horse Colors 3 Most Common Horse Color Types And Their Relative Breeds

horse colors

Brown, grey, yellowish-brown with white spots, and several colors are there that we usually see on the coat of horses. But, the nomenclature of those color shades is far beyond what we call those color shades. Well, do you want to know about those horse colors? Read this full blog and you will get an idea about the 3 most common horse colors and their relative breeds

Here are the top 3 common horse color types-

  1. Sorrel Color
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This color is similar to the reddish-brown color found in the sorrel herb. The horses with this color shade are fully copper-red, with tail and mane of the same color shade. The black pigments are not visible in a horse with sorrel color shade. They, in fact, carry two different copies of red pigments. But somehow, their complex one becomes visible in horses and their coat color varies from horse to horse.

Horse Breeds With Sorrel Color

There are a large number of horse breeds that follow the sorrel color and its complex patterns. Some of the popular horse breeds with sorrel color are Belgian draft horses, Thoroughbred, Quarter horses, and Tennesse Walking horses. 

2.Palomino Horse Colors

Golden Horse and Golden Dorado are some alternative names popular for horses with Palomino color. It is a horse breed that came into existence in the 19th century. Palomino is a Spanish word (English meaning is- a young dove) and it refers to the cream-colored coat of horses belonging to the Palomino family. 

Horses from the Palomino family possess a yellowish-golden coat color and light-cream or white color on manes and tails. Some scientists claim that the Palomino family has evolved in the deserts of middle eastern countries. However, there are lots of variations in Palomino horse colors. These are mainly light Palomino, golden Palomino, chocolate Palomino, pearl Palomino, champagne Palomino. 

Horse Breeds With Palomino Colors

Quarter horses have the huge majority of horses with Palomino-colored coats. Almost 50 percent of the Palomino horses across the globe are Quarter horses.

  1. Bay Coat Color

Horses with bay coat color patterns are of Anglo-French origin. Its name is derived from the Latin word badius that means ‘chestnut-brown’. The first traces of this horse color is estimated to be around the 14th century. These horses have black skin with a reddish-brown coat. Some of their body parts like- ear edges, legs, tail, mane are of black color. In the Bay color family, there are lots of color variations like- Bay dun, Blood bay, Sandy bay, Bay roan, Perlinos, Amber Champagne bay, Bay pinto, Silver bay, etc. 

Horse Breeds With Bay Color

Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Clydesdales, etc. are the breeds with Bay color.


Generally, Sorrel, Dun, Bay, Palomino, Dapple gray, Chestnut, Buckskin, Paint, Appaloosa, Roan, etc., are some common terms that people use for horse color shades. There are two base pigments from which the horse colors are derived. These are red or black. Every horse has a gene for one of these pigment types. Sometimes, people consider Bay as a base color for horse coats

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