Guide To Educate You All About Horse Breeds

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The world of horses is huge with more than 350 breeds of horses and ponies. These are categorized on the basis of their riding, demeanors and certain other characteristics. We have short-listed some of the most common types. Here is all about horse breeds that are most popular.

All About Horse Breeds

Here are some of the horse breeds you must know about:

American Quarter Horse

A brown horse standing on top of a grass covered field

This horse generally stands 56 inches to 64 inches tall. This breed is famous for its agility, athleticism and docility. It is preferred more by beginners and professional equestrians. This breed is bred from Native American Chickasaw horses and the English thoroughbreds. These horses can be distinguished by their finely chiseled and wide forehead. They are medium boned and usually weigh around 9500 to 1200 pounds.


The Arabian horse is one of the oldest breeds in the world. It’s lineage is expected to be older than 3000 B.C. The other light horse breeds such as the Morgans, Appaloosas or the Andalusians are also bred from the Arabians. This breed is quite spirited and loyal. It stands 56 to 64 feet tall and weighs around 800 to 1000 pounds. It has a compact body with a wedge-shaped head, sloping shoulders and short back.

English Thoroughbred

A close up of a brown horse standing next to a fence

This breed is one of the most popular breeds found in North America. It is a racing horse breed and is usually hot-blooded. It has a good speed, spirit and agility. This horse is preferred by equestrians for competitions and training. It is great for jumping and a preferred life companion. The Thoroughbred stands 60 inches to 68 inches tall and weighs around 1200 pounds. It has a deep chest, lean body and flat muscles.


This one is a pretty and colorful breed that was mostly used for hunting and battles by the Native Americans . It is a spotted horse, believed to have descended from wild horses bred with Thoroughbreds, Arabians and American Quarter Horse. It is a hardy and versatile animal that is great for pleasure riding, long-distance traveling and herding. It is 56 to 60 inches tall and weighs around 1000 pounds. It has a pretty colorful coat pattern with a mottled skin and striped hooves. 


The Morgans are a popular horse breed because of their strength and elegance. They are the official horse breeds of Vermont. It was initially used to clear and tilt New England farms during the colonial times. Today, it is used as a popular riding horse. It can easily cross over rough trail and shows great performance in the show ring. It usually stands 56 inches to 60 inches tall. The horse weighs around 1000 pounds. It has small ears, crested neck and expressive eyes as well.


A horse standing on top of a lush green field

Ponies are short horses and stand tall at 57 inches at the most. Ponies are of two kinds – miniature horses and Icelandic horses. The plucky Shetland and the elegant Welsh are also some other pony breeds. They have a short stature and are often preferred as companions for children.

These are some of the popular horse breeds in the world. There are many others, but these above are the most famous ones.

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